The Infamous Erstwhile Chief Of Staff To Amaechi, Chief Tony Okocha Exposed!!!

“Chief Tony Okocha’s tacky logomanic resurfacing is no surprise to all of us. Only this time, he and his band of conscripts have made a major slip up by rattling an erudite firebrand like Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze. I implore our own discerning and sapient Chief Eze to maintain his model of tack and restrain in responding to Chief Okocha in order not to overkill him with his Monblanc Mystery Masterpice. The apprehensive truth is that, Chief Tony Okocha has hurriedly forgotten the line up of crusaders that salvaged him from the rack and ruin of life. And today, his true-to-type nature has progressively catalyzed him with some apex predators like Magnus Abe whom he once denigrated thereby proving right those who doubted he was reformable.

Human nature they say is our greatest flaw and I understand that some persons like Tony Okocha will deliberately want to remain perfidious to prove that point. He has become so glass-boxed that the grace of God has eluded him, and it is pointless to engage one’s time and session to joust in his obstreperous talks.
Do not also forget that he is now a-dollar-a-day man and will not spare a trinket in his rabid nature to attract notice in order for him to be repurposed for any duty.”

From Hon. Williams Ikhile.

“Chief Tony Okocha is not only presumably helpless but confused as well. And I think he must have been living in regret while he bite the finger that feed him.” P. Azubuike

“My Chief and erudite Scholar, please don’t fall for the antics of Tony Okocha to reduce you to his miserable level. Since Amaechi his political father disowned him, his life has not remained the same. Just continue to remain focused and unwavering in your giants strides for the party and CRA.

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God bless you.

Ohaka Nyeche”

“Mr Okocha has lost his mind and indeed, he needs medication” Justice

“It is well my Chief sir, just be focused with the good works u are doing, T. Okocha is a noise maker and a defeated fellow OK.


Though, I am fully aware that Chief Okocha needs an immediate help before his case becomes a bit incurable but as a good friend, I have complained to the Management Team of the Psychiatric Hospital, Rumuigbo sited a stone throw to his residence to help and they have graciously agreed to accommodate him .

Sadly, Okocha has refused every plea for him to be admitted. I have done my best as a good citizen and a concerned friend to help out so if by morrow Okocha decides to start dancing at the market nobody should blame me.

Chief Eze C. Eze

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