The Hypocrites By Desmond Ekwueme

By Desmond Ekwueme

We condemned our political leaders for seeking medical checkups overseas at the expense of our health facilities which have deliberately left or abandoned in a state of comatose anyway….

We condemned Reps for rejecting Innoson Motors’ SUVs and preferring foreign cars….2020 Toyota Camry.

We condemned our politicians for saving their loots in foreign banks in Geneva, Zurich, London, New York, Paris, Riyahd and Dubai thus boosting and developing the economies of those countries and destroying our own economy

We condemned FG for failing to fix our refineries… preferring to take our crude oil abroad…which is brought back at higher cost for the consumers to buy as kerosene, fuel and diesel.

We condemned the inability of the FG to fix Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill over the years…as they import iron-made products for constructions and infrastructural works at a more expensive rate.

Yet we want a foreign coach to handle the Super Eagles? We know deep in our hearts that there is nothing the foreign coaches have achieved that our indigenous coaches have not achieved….yet we hate our own….we hate our own so much that we keep condemning them. Is this not hypocrisy?

We go to the market and ask sellers of Italian shoes, Brazilian shoes, Brazilian weavons, Swiss wristwatches, Italian handbags, London, Japanese and Korean phones. We ask for foreign rice among other items. We brand our rice Abakaliki rice…our locally made shoes Aba made…

We condemned our indigenous coaches for being tribalistic and nepotic yet they win trophies, produce and present world class players to top European clubs from grassroots and professional clubs here. We close our eyes and ears to the rise of racism which managers and players exhibit against black players world over.

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We hide under the guise and accusation of BRIBERY to condemn our indigenous coaches and derogate them before the world. Yet, managers in Europe do brisk dirty business in players transfers….managers and agents fix matches in Europe (or have we forgotten about Sam Allardyce?)

Betting companies abroad are using “insiders” to make business and destroy top leagues abroad. Yet they turn blind eye. The world knows this. They investigate known cases and discipline erring managers. Some are banned. We don’t investigate here. When you call for an investigation, you are called names. Those with information either hide or hoard them. They tell half truths. They are scared of saying the truth.

True, we know coaches take bribe here. The best we can do is fish them out by encouraging those speaking out or up to come up with names and facts. Coaches don’t do this without aid, support or assistance from within the Federation and agents around. We should identify and flush them out.

We keep quiet as Federation members turn scouts, agents and players’ representatives cum managers. These people destroy the system or our football by arm-twisting the indigenous coaches to use their players or get booted out through spurious allegations and media attacks.

When a coach takes bribe and he is caught, why bring him back into the fold with an appointment to assist the head coach or manager? Are you not indirectly encouraging bribery? Why have we refused to ask the Federation the rational behind the reinstatement of a coach caught openly taken bribe?

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Why has the anti-graft agencies failed to carry out a probe on these allegations of coaches receiving bribe or some elements in the Federation misappropriating funds? Why has the anti-graft agencies failed to invite those making these claims or allegations to reveal more for proper or thorough investigation?

Hypocrisy everywhere! Hypocrites everywhere! Yet we condemn the system which we are aiding with hypocrisy!

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