The Gospel For The Bitter Truth….I Can’t Just Stop Talking

By Oluwa Tunmise

Plan is the foundation for every solved problem,
Visions are the dreams to every solution provider,
Philosophy is the father to all sorts of education,
Knowledge is the strength to fight against any intimidation.
No one can fall a tree with a strong root.
The end is also going to end,
It is better for one to join the gospel for the bitter truth .
Nigeria! A laurel of unscrupulous governments.
I can’t just stop talking!

When talent is being used excellently,
One becomes a genius.
When values promote one to the most valuable,
One becomes so precious.
If an elderly man has grown up with foolishness,
Stupidity is the only lesson such can teach.
Everybody can strongly feel the heat,
Bad history has never favoured Nigeria.
As days are counting, time for death is nearer.
One needs to join the gospel for the bitter truth.
Nigeria! A legend of unprincipled government.
I can’t just stop talking!

To continue living a life without any death threat,
It is highly abnormal to those
Who will attain the heights of glory.
If every Nigerian is wanted dead,
Nigeria too will die sooner,
But how the unborn lineage celebrate
The history of today’s revolution?
For every new shall become old,
For every young shall encounter growth,
Death is the last development.
One needs to join the gospel for a bitter truth.
Nigeria! Hero of unconscionable governments.
I can’t just stop talking!

When a multicultural country like Nigeria
Is being polluted with bad governance,
Every ethnical group feels it in their body like a pressure,
To every member of the government, it is like a pleasure.
When a demonstration occurs against notable politicians,
Some tribes will act as if it is a fight for pleasure against them.
Due to governmental tactics, thinking the administration is favouring them.

The problem of Nigeria is never ethnicity.
The problem of Nigeria is bad leadership.
If that is the gospel truth?
I will never stop talking!

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