The Economic Uncertainty At The Camp Nou

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The catolonians are nomore thinking and working the correct way, as were thoroughly affected by the negative slowdown of economic growth for closed to three years in a row. With the exclusion of the tumultuous effect of Covid-19 Pandemic which open up the financial instability at Camp Nou, that saw the LALIGA Club pay-cutting there star players, staff and resignation of it president Joseph Maria Bertomeu who got vote of no confidence from the socis delegates and board.

Spanish Professional Football Club losses 97m euro for the 2019-20 financial year, with Covid-19 pandemic letting to 203m euro decrease in expected revenues and turnover of 855m euro for the year to June 30, 14 percent lower than a year earlier and it’s lowest overall revenue since 2017.

The European champions’ commercial income where affected the most, falling nine percent year-on-year to 297m euro overall with the club claiming this was down to 72m euro on its expectations of which 37m euro relate to in ability to close sorted commercial agreement negotiated before the pandemic.

Blaugranes are known to be the owners and operators of one of the symbol of the Catalan culture and catalanism. In their eyes the fourth most valuable sports team in the world, worth $4.06Billion and the world’s richest Football Club in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of 840.8m euro falling into economic crisis.

The team is regarded as the highest paid in November 2018 with an average first-team pay in excess of $13m per year. But fast forward to November 2020, Spanish giants could possibly rule out on two major signings of Memphis Depay and Georgino Wijnaldum due to their horrific economic condition. They could not make any transfer next window as the club will be tricky to get anyone new to the Spanish side. said, interim President Carles.

The catalans are going through undoubtedly one their worst times. The club is without a board, players salary take up seventy percent of the of there budget and most precious asset will most likely leave the club end of the season.

With the recent Covid-19 restrictions of Barcelonistas, the team’s value derived from gate receipt and corporate hospitality revenue of$809m, distribution from domestic league, cups and European competitions of $1.2b and value derived from sponsorship, merchandising and revenue from other commercials operations of$1.5b are already halted and disturted by the events of Covid-19 pandemic. Thought Pfizer announced some vaccine development.

The pandemic has hit hard the Culés’ side with no realistic track to emerge stronger as there isn’t business entity that hasn’t been affected financially in someway, shape or form because of the pandemic. But the catalans have no any clear trajectory even with interim President Carles Tusquets.

Barcelona are predicts to undergo two to three years of financial problems after strategically planned on earning 1.1b euro and and some data banks go-long name Barcelona as the club worst affected by coronavirus crisis.

The current economic uncertainty at Camp Nou has not stopped the Japanese Internet Services brand Rakuten resealing knot with the Blaugrane which started in 2017-18 season and taking up a one-year option to continue with it relationship as Global Partner of 120yrs socis manage club through 2021-22 season which may halted the uncertainty of the Catalan economy.

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