The Chemistry: One Reaction Can Change Nigeria

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Oh, my dear country, I look at everywhere, I found nothing but only my dear country, I may look rough, taste bitter, noisy in sound, feel unpleasant, in as much I see myself that I belong to my country, I have everything, if you like call me òrò or you change it to magana either, the ancestor of our forefathers are not dead yet.

I may not have the head and tail but in the existence of my country, I believe I have it all.

Islam promises the righteous the holy Janna and Christianity did same as well by assuring paradise for the believers. Treasure Island remains the end point for all sailors that sailed it through, I promise a good future for my dear country, it is only an ordinary ingrate that will prefer a loss to pursuing a constant equilibrating toward a progressive possession in my country.

Over the land, above the sea, I seek for comforting ability. I really want to feel myself and claim that I am the best creation on the earth.

Hunters can hunt for a hundred years, but echoes of home walls will always reverberate in his ears, till he realizes himself unlike the farmer who has only been mandated to work under the light and to feel abnormal if the farmer tries to act otherwise.

Time has become the separation entity that allows the farmers, and the hunter never to meet in the darkness, it is the same time that shows the responsibility of the hunter to decide, if the odd is not among the even.

The time tells the farmer this is high time to harvesting, “when” becomes the clause that follows the time, whenever “when” appears, time has occurred, I know the black will not assume that it is dark, light will never agree that it causes the disappearance of darkness.

My ways may be rough, my thoughts may be negative, my doings may be abnormal, but my sense still let me know that I belong to my country.

Politically not well arranged, educationally not well encouraged, sociologically not well-behaved, technologically not well influenced, literally doomed, scientifically not well assumed.

In any ways my country still remains my country, I can never see a king acting like a common slave if such should happen, the ancestors would be consulted, God forbids, may the case never arise, we all hope and focus on the expectation of my country, that should not the be a kind of comparison with other used penury countries.

“Taking the foots with steps” is like the substance we feel when the food is close to the mouth, “unity in diversity” suppose to be the spit in our mouths but all what I find is the dry land, that is very rich in nutrient, but lack of water, which can be equally be explained as the desert, in which only nothing can grow on it. I asked for red wine they showed me the cup of blood, I said I needed salt water, urea was only what I found, I tried to look back, but is like checking oneself in blind mirror, I found nothing, only, but myself, “the burden of own choice is not felt” so as “the broken friendship may be soldered but it will never be sound,” the “black plum is a white sweet,” “bird in the hand worths two in the bush.”

If the Arewa, the Biafra and the Oduduwa fail to realize that, “the workman blame his tools”, they should remember that, “the bad trees do not produce good fruit.”

Therefore, “the race is not for the swift” and “no one is too old to learn” as “it is never too late to repent”, “a nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling,” the faults may come from our forefathers, but “he who never takes chances never get ahead”. It may be “different kettles of fishes”, “the flower can bloom more than once”, many things are to be corrected, many new adjustments must be made, many new names will be given if we can all rise and surrender to my ideology, accept my tenet, appreciate my custom, my gospel is unity but he who laughs last laugh best, “the leopard can still change its spot in Nigeria.”

The new Nigeria is real, and every one must claim to be a partaker.
I love Nigeria.


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