The Calendar In The Grave

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

The calender in the grave;
I hope you’ll favour me with grace,
Hope you’ll put smile on my face,
To always find joy in your surface.

The calender in the grave;
Heaven is only the rightful channel
Hope you don’t have room in a hell,
For I Always want to see the angel.

The calender in the grave;
You are a revealed Revelation
Chronicle of prophetic prophecy,
You always appear to me in dream.

The calender in the grave;
January to December not in your realm,
Sunday to Saturday not in your reigns,
Your craft is never like night and day.

A battlefield of unlucky games
Lieing with fortune and destiny.
A sprayer to spread sooth lies,
Excellent seat to sit on fibs.

My eyes want to see exposure,
So sad for being a victim of earth,
Civilization of the untruthfulness,
I can’t wait to withness the un-end,

I realy want to Leave forever Young,
This life is never a friend to me,
Please be nice with me?
The calendar of the grace.

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