By Oluwa Tunmise

To every corner of the world,
Deliberation is part of the legislation.
Representation must adhere to the presentation;
A noble cell phone must have a noble mouthpiece.
In an animal kingdom like my country, Nigeria,
Mouthpieces are called speakers.
Speakers speaking for who?
We are all lost!

Standard selections endorse proper evaluation,
Assessment upon assignment in legislation,
Is nothing weird that shouldn’t promote embracement?
The shenanigans of thee,
A reputation for embarrassment.
In an animal kingdom like my country, Nigeria,
Desperados are called honourables.
Honourables honouring who?
We are all lost!

Instead of focusing on national unity,
Advisably to forget about the political rivalry,
It’s never a piece of news from them:
A minority and majority constituent.
In an animal kingdom like my country, Nigeria,
People like such are called leaders.
Leaders leading who?
We are all lost!

If prison is the best community for the criminals,
Jungle will be the best field for the military,
As a zoo is recommended for living animals,
An assembly is for the audience.
I see the craziness in Nigerians,
Offices for legislatures should be referred to as a gathering.
In an animal kingdom like my country, Nigeria,
It is being called a chamber.
Chamber chambering for what?
We are all lost!

While in my dream,
I saw 109 bunches of useless keys, 360 iron rods,
Tried and failed over one thousand times,
To open just a single door ‘development’.

We are all lost!

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