The Adekunle Child Foundation Visits Home For Children’s Day

The Adekunle Child Foundation (TACF) is a non-govenmental organisation based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. As part of their activities for marking the International Children’s Day 2021, they visited the Vine Heritage Home, located in Kiyi Village, in Kuje, Abuja.

The Vine Heritage Homes is a haven for children rescued from harmful cultural practices in several villages in the FCT. There are several communities within the FCT that give up children to be killed as a result of the uniqueness of these children. These include children of multiple births (twins, triplets), albinos, children whose mothers died while breastfeeding, children born with a form of disability or another etc.It is generally believed that such children are evil and would bring ill luck to the communities. The proprietors of the Home, Pastor and Dr. Mrs Sola Stevens rose to the occasion over 20 years ago and have been rescuing such children, some of whom are in their late teens and early twenties. They received the TACF Team led by Mr. Femi Adekunle, the Founder and President of TACF.

The TACF team had a big party for the children who clapped, danced, played games and had lots of fun. Various gifts were distributed to the children including books, school bags and several other items, with so much to eat and drink.A big cake was donated to the children to mark the day. Both Mr. Femi Adekunle and Pastor Sola Stevens encouraged the children to be of good character, stressing the significance of the International Children’s Day.

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