By James Patrick

From bombing to banditry.
From kidnapping to killing.
From herdsmen to heartless men
From Sambisa to KANKARA –

Boko boys always one step ahead
Of our military boys.
Boko haram always on the offensive,
Our military men always on the defensive.

From abduction to annihilation.
From maiming to murdering.
From stealing to slitting
The throats of our innocent farmers.

From Chibok to chikum,
From north east to north west,
From the forest to our frontage,
From the desert down to Daura,
Boko haram kills in cold blood
Without fear, without favor.

From Family to friends.
From farmers to aid workers.
From ministers to the military men.
From the governors to the governed.
No life is safe, no life is spared, no life is sacred.
Every Nigerian life is at the mercy of Boko boys.

I call on all the service chives to retire
Because we really need a Messiah,
A prophet just like Jeremiah or Isaiah
Who would safe us from Boko haram’s quagmire.

We are tired of this senseless assassinations.
We are tired of this baseless accusations,
And the endless presidential condemnations.

All we need is result.
All we need is action.
All we need is an end to the incessant
Bloodbath by Boko haram.

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