Terrorist On The Offensive: Our Heart

By James Patrick

Our hearts go out to every Nigerian
Who wish they were never born in Nigeria,
Who wish they are from Liberia.
Who wish their parents came from Tanzania.

Our hearts go out to the Leah Shuibu and co.
Who daily have to live with this abduction woes.
Who Boko haram has made them to meet their untimely death
And those whose valuable were destroyed and are still in debt.

Our heart goes out to the indigen of Borno, who are the casualties.
May the heavens safe them from all of these Boko haram calamities.
May God deliver their troubled souls from this daily anxieties
And help relocate refugees back to their respective communities

Our hearts go out to our gallant soldiers
Who carry the heavy burden of safe-guiding the land
On their shoulder,
Sometime without food, sometime even without a good shelter.

Our voices cry out to those in government,
Who have turned the fight against terrorism as mare entertainment.
They eat in their air condition offices smiling with excitement
Recklessly spending the funds meant to buy armament
While millions of idle-able-bodied men join Boko haram due to unemployment.

Our hearts and voices call on the international community
To please help our soldiers with the latest technology
That could quickly put an end to this insurgency
And safe our nation from this security emergency.

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