Terrorist On The Offensive: A Bleeding Nation

By James Patrick

Our Nation bleeds.
Nigeria bleeds –
Bleeding with the innocent blood
Of able bodied Nigerians
Who met their waterloo
In the hands of Boko boys.

Our Nation is at war.
Nigeria is at war –
With terrorist,
With bandits,
With insurgence,
With kidnappers,
With fulani armed men,
Who are here to kill our harmless men.

Our nation morns.
Nigeria is morning
Innocent souls of Borno origin
Chibok, Dabchi and KANKARA indigen
Who were slaughtered by Boko haram like Christmas chickens.

Our Nation prays.
Nigerians pray for an end
To all these madness.
We pray for an end
To Boko haram’s wickedness.
We pray for peace, joy, love and happiness.
Our Nation prays for our land to experience
Holiness, oneness, kindness, calmness and gladness!


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