Tensions As Emir Sanusi Plans Kano Visit

Stakeholders have raised concerns over the alleged plans by former Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II to visit Kano state.

Some of the stakeholders urged the revered former emir to shelve the plans of visiting Kano (if any) as the tensions are high and this could lead to clash between his supporters and those against him.

One of them, who pleaded anonymity, said there are indication already that the former monarch is allegedly pushing for a South west president in 2023 and this may have angered some persons, who will be ready to capitalize in his visit to unleash violence in Kano.

He also said the fact that after Sanusi was deposed, he still goes to public functions in the full emir attire will also likely cause problem in Kano as there is an existing emir of Kano and argued that other traditional rulers have been deposed before without too much politicization like this.

He alleged that Sanusi, who has been residing mainly in Lagos since he was deposed as emir of Kano; is believed to be a strong force in the north ahead of the 2023 elections where south west politicians are counting on.

It is a known fact that Sanusi is an old boy of Kings college Lagos and he has friends from the school in the South west but it’s still unclear who who he is supporting for the presidency from the area.

It would also be noted that Sanusi had maintained that he was not interested in political positions but would rather prefer to be a leader of the Tijjaniyya Islamic movement in Nigeria, a position which was first held by his grandfather in Nigeria.

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Though Ibrahim Dahiru-Bauchi faction of the sect had rejected Sanisu’s appointment, describing it as propaganda.

He said: “the junior brother of grand leader, Sheikh Makey Nyass, was quoted out of context in the report. What he said was that Sanusi has been following the footsteps of his late grandfather, Muhammadu Sanusi I.

“Nyass only tried to compare the life experiences of Sanusi and that of his late grandfather after being deposed from throne.”

However, some security experts have called for moral judgement in the alleged Sanusi’s visit to Kano.

A senior security expert, Ibrahim Mohammed said the current political tensions ahead of the 2023 elections is one to be followed with caution.

He further argued that if the alleged visit of Sanusi to Kano will cause any form of violence, it is better the popular former emir jettisoned the idea and play safe.

He also said it is a fact that a court has upturn Sanusi’s banishment from Kano and he is free to move around the country, but if visit would cause harm to the people of Kano, he will do better to stay away for now.

While the spokesperson persons for the police and DSS could not speak on the issue, a senior security personnel said the security agencies will always ensure the safety of all Nigerians and urged politicians to play safe ahead of the 2023 elections.

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