Street Credibility

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Back when in the hood,
Boys like me are
Champion in rascality,
I imbibed in the totality
Of immorality against humanity,
Funds for offering are
Being used for gambling,
Leisure time not for my
Blessed mother in comfort,
I stole away her peace
With street sensation.

Back when in the hood,
Sunday school to me
It’s always like a wasted hour,
I found joy in painting
My family with odd colour,
I am being known for Blackishly attributes qualifications,
Mother will say: “why are
You against your name?”
To change eventually
Turned to her prayer point.

Back when in the hood,
Remembrance for being
A klepto for olden era,
I got the motivational
Move to be Tattooed in body,
I kept smoking weed
Like today won’t come,
Forgiveness for innocent
Pussy I disvirgined,
With same dick that
Turns suliyat’s lolly pop,

Where is the hood today?
Oke-badan where boys
Were given birth with no hope,
Iso-part remains the future rescue,
My mother had choosen
To present to me a golden life,
After all the street credibility,
I found joy in grabbing back my pen,
Hurray! For I am a symbol of victory.


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