It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

” You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”
– Beth Comstock.

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” Seth Godin.

Every hotel is like a brand house that offers different products and services for guest satisfaction.
What we do in this critical lockdown as a result of Covid-19 will determine greatly the quick stimulus responses our hotels and other hospitality business will get post Covid-19 pandemic. It seems to me after critically looking at the present situation of the hospitality that; every hotel busines will just ” RESTART” when lockdown of business is relaxed partially or completely. At this point, it is business intelligence to begin to front critical thinking and know that you are might just be kick starting your hotel business afresh; because that is what it seems like.

Suffice to say that nothing like this has ever happened in the quantom measure it appears in our generation. Everything is affected both positively and negatively, it all depends on which angle we are looking at this pandemic effect from.

I have carefully observed that hotels and other hospitality businesses are currently not engaging a very critical factor of people relationship mangement in a cluster of activity called ” CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.”
At this juncture in our hospitality business life, nothing else will matter more than what we are doing currently as : keeping our Brand alive. ”

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Every brand has life” – and we should be reminded of that! .

Of course, every business is looking for any form of palliative to cushion the effect of this Covid-19 pandemic. In the same respect, we as business owners are aware of the word ” PLANNING” – planning is what we do “intentionally” to mitigate any kind of eventuality that is expected to come as a business recurrent decimals.

May i be symphathetic also on the plight of those hotel owners that may not have accruals with respect to “SINKING FUNDS OR PLOUGH BACK FUNDS”.

But it is not an option as it is now, for any hotel not to spend a particular budget to keep the brand in check in the mind if their esteemed guests and customers alike. Part of what I am advocating for hospitality businesses is to engage the machinery of our cooperate social responsibilities.

I bet you, there is no better time to give back a little to the society in form of a kind emphatic gesture than now!

The current busines halt the hospitality industry is experiencing, can be likened to car owner who parked his car for a necessary travel. This doesn’t mean that the car will not be ” warmed” periodically to keep the engine warm, even though it is in a kinetic position. position.


“Corporate social responsibility is a hard- edged business decision. Not because it is a nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it but because it is good for our business”. -Niall Fitz- Gerald.


We don’t have to ague about the fact that we have enjoyed good days in the operational life of our hospitality business pre Covid-19. As such, we must consciously do things to better our brands as hospitality practitioners; we have to show that we are ” HOSPITABLE” in this future which has begun.

As a hotel owner, you should not be afraid to invest into the future of our “new hospitality” by activating the following:

1. Deliberately do visible branded things to entrench your brand presence in the committee of all corporate organisations that are giving palliatives to vulnerable people in communities; this will create a brand presence for your hotel and build “good -will”; which is an asset.

2. Engage in safety and health campaign by giving some branded protective equipments like nose masks to communities for public enlightenment, which will make your business to be seen as a front line information provider on the fight against Covid-19.

3. Provide campaign jingle against Covid-19 in any of the following; Radio, to, print or the social media.

4. Your hotel can donate branded palliatives like food stuffs, and sanitizers to communities o your choice, no matter how small.

All this measures are ways of trouble shooting g the anticipated brand building for your hotel to be viewed as in public perception as really hospitable.

I honestly believe that when we deliberately engage this mechanism of corporate social responsibility, we will consequently be consciously be stimulating our business for an everlasting good will.

Let’s all get it done and see what the future holds for us as I concluded with this quote by Irene Rosenfeld.

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“To build and sustain brands people love and trust, one must focus-not only on today but also on tomorrow. It’s not easy…but balancing the short and long term is key to delivering sustainable, profitable growth-growth that is good for our shareholders but also good for our consumers, our employees, our business partners, the communities where we live and work, and the planet we inhabit”-
Irene Rosenfeld

Napoleon Mamman- mimc, mnchi, hatman.
CEO Napsman consulting- (08069145833)

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