Sports Sustaining Nigeria’s Unity – Y.C. Maikyau

Legal luminary, Chief Y.C. Maikyau (SAN) has said that despite our differences in Nigeria, one thing that has kept this country going as a united entity is sport. Soccer in particular, he said.
Maikyau said this during his opening speech at the opening ceremony of Abuja Lawyers’ League (ALL); a football competition organized for lawyers, with this year’s edition named after him ‘Y.C Maikyau Cup 2021’.
He said “When Poko and his team approached me to say that they will want me to come and partner with them in the good job that they have been doing, I consider this a very fertile ground that somebody can come and sow. Why did I say that? Sport is something that has kept this country going together.
“The unity of this country, probably would have been completely lost but for the impact of sport, particularly soccer.”
Maikyau observed that whenever there is any international match and Nigeria is involve, “We all forget our sentiment, we forget our differences” he said adding that you will see people that are sworn enemies hugging themselves when Nigeria score a goal.
Making reference with the Nigeria’s team in Saudi 1989, whom he said were four goals down to no less a country than USSR, Maikyau explained “You know, USSR are not top notch in soccer.
“We were four goals down, but those young men that represented Nigeria in that game did not only come back to equalized but they won that match.
He explained that even though the league this year, 2021 is named Maikyau Cup that it is not about him alone.
He said, “Gentlemen, if you permit me, I will like to dedicate this cup to our younger colleagues and the younger generation of this country that are struggling and trying to find their footing in this nation and to let them know that just like those young Nigerians did in 1989, the future is bright and with your resilience, with your energy, with your commitment, do not be doubters, do not despair, we are going to make it.
“Please, do not abandon this project call Nigeria,” Maikyau called.
He said as difficult as Nigeria maybe today, bleak as our future might seem, with all the challenges that we are facing “You will remember in 1989 that it took the resilience, the confidence, the courage of those young men to bring glory to Nigeria; and that is why I believe that inspite of the challenges that we are having in this country, the strength and the future of this country actually resides in the younger generation of this country.”
Maikyau however called on the older generation to come to a place of understanding in order to support the younger generation to develop their potentials and bring out the best that is in them for Nigeria to succeed as a nation.
He also sympathise with all the victims of the security challenges the country is faced with.
He said “I returned from my village some days ago. The village… there are more than 50 villages in my local government that have been sacked on account of this security challenge.
So, I mean, I am not different from anybody who is in Sambisa, who is in Borno and people around us here that are facing those challenges.

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