Southern Governors Position And The Rest Of Us

The position of the southern Governor’s and the resolution of senators from the south has further revealed the strength in unity of purpose.

Politics is solely about the people. Political parties are only platforms politicians used to aspire into any political position of their choice.

Therefore, since politics is all about the people, loyalty of politicians should be to the people first before pursuing political parties agenda. This is very clear here as governor’s and senators from different political parties converged to speak in defence of their people other than the political parties that ushered them into government.

I watch governor’s and senators from the ruling party APC hitting the government hard for it’s in ability to protect lives and properties as one of its most critical responsibility in defence of it’s people. This is sane and commendable.

This is made possible because they created a platform that help build healthy conversation. That is to say, we can be at different platform and yet share the same agenda when it comes to developmental issues and threats to humanity.

Our collective existence is beyond any political platform. Over time, we have watched political parties gone into extinction and the emergence of new parties yet our humañity remains.

The collective resolve by the Southerners should be a wake up call to the middlebelt and the northern region and other clusters from different states. Our political differences should not create a barrier in quest for a better society. Being in different political platforms should give us some level of strength to pursue collective interest.

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There is no point castigating one another because we share different political platforms. After the electioneering, it is time to heal and form collaborations to serve humanity better. The need to close ranks and heal our differences by building up platforms to engage in people centric deliberations is key.

Politics is all about the people. Our politicians most come together and channel energy towards finding lasting solutions to the challenges of the time irrespective of their party differences.

Kayit, a former Bajju Youth President, writes from Abuja

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