Sokoto: Islamic Police Record 606 Rape Cases 

Islamic Police operating in Sokoto, North Western Nigeria have recorded about 606 cases of rape in one year, but lamented the culprits get away with it because of their influence in the society.
In year 2020 alone, the local police said about 31 rape cases have been recorded in Sokoto state, with the previous year 2019 recording 100 percent increase on cases of rape.
Poverty has been identified as the major driving force for rape in Sokoto, with many influential people in the state luring young girls between the ages of five and 16 into the act.
Most of the people raping the young girls, Elanza News gathered, are politicians, traditional rulers, Imams and businessmen.
But the Islamic Police, Hisbah Commission said it recorded 606 cases of rape in the year 2019, a 100 percent increase on the figure it recorded in 2018.
The 2018 rape cases figure in Sokoto State stood at 296.
The Hisbah Commandant in Sokoto State, Dr Adamu Bello Kasarawa, while giving out statistics of rape in the state on Sunday, said 606 cases of rape were reported in 2019 while 296 were reported in 2018.
“In January 2020 alone, we have about 31 cases,” Kasarawa said in a statistics that shows rape cases are recorded daily in Sokoto state.
“There is also rise in cases of illegal camping of young girls, sexual exploitation, and sodomy,” Kasarawa disclosed further.
“You find this issue of rape of young girls and teenagers between the age of 5 – 16,” Hisbah Commandant said but regretted offenders are very influential in the society and often get away with the crime.
“The calibre of people in the society engaged in rape includes politicians, traditional rulers, Imams, businessmen, and women,” Kasarawa said while blaming parents for not taking care of their children.
“The issue of poverty had made sexual exploitation more rampant across the state,” the Hisbah Commandant said, describing the interference with the legal process as the major challenge in prosecuting rape cases in Sokoto state.
“The interference is a serious issue. The politicians are interfering with the legal process to prosecute and pass judgement against them. I think anything that has to do with rape, politicians should step aside. The issue of interest should not be there,” Kasawara added.
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