By OluwaTunmise

The blind can see;
Darkened lungs are likely to cease,
Intoxication is a flux defecting a mind’s problems.
Solution for rest becomes problems heightener;
The relief stresses one’s more,
The tipsiness sweeps one into madness,
No dignity for insanity.
I see many handsomes
Yearning to marry ‘Jo-ha-na’.

The western world seems opposed to the black culture;
The highness that turns rainfalls into sunlight.
The realm that liberates Arizona-city onto Colorado.
A saint from heaven descended to planet earth,
Now becoming a noble desperado,
Sense of reasoning being flushed away
Due to one’s odd intention.

Now George can judge Joy in Georgia;
John joins the journey in jogging to the jungle.
Moscow turning into morocco;
Agony hitting like a stroke of ‘cobocco’;
For one feeding on tobacco.

Indicia vs. Sativa is never a messiah to depression;
THC or CBD cease to guarantee salvation against slumps,
Enjoyment for the worse is welcomed
By the act of intoxicating,
Integrity disappears reverting into addiction,
One can lose a soul
In the cost of feeding the flesh,
Zero benefits to the inspiration
Caused as a result of recreation;
Nothing is re-creating,
One’s happiness is only mitigating.

Nothing is good as goodness;
As the smokers’ mind is ill with no illness.

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