Smart Outliers Appoints Chief Executive Officer CEO

By Sunday Isuwa

SmartOutliers has recruited it’s co-founder HASSAN SALISU ADAM as chief executive officer CEO.

He will join tomorrow September 1, 2020.

The President and secretary to the global advisory board of the SmartOutliers, Musa Ahmad said: “With Hassan, SmartOuliers will start and draw an exciting chapter in the new world of design, research, tourism and literary and talent agenting.

“We inherent an ability to do what is expected to deliver a qualitative results as we are driven to do so, being courteous with integrity and maintenance of ethical action, communication skills, calm doing stress and the way we present ourselves, is what our clients will be expecting from us – and what will keeps them coming back – is how we will go the extra mile. Hassan’s extensive experience in global design and merchandise supply experience and professionalism in different field will take what SmartOutliers is known for to the next level.”

Co-founder and president, added: “Hassan Salisu has a remarkable track record of steering leading delivery of solutions towards unequalled heights. We look forward to seeing him achieving greats throughout his leadership as double crown, being the co-founder of the enterprise and now recruited as pioneer CEO will be a momentum, also it’s my pleasure to worked with him to elevate SmartOutliers’s profile and achieve even higher standards of excellence.”

Speaking about his appointment, Hassan said: “I am thrilled to be joining the executive team at SmartOutliers at this pivotal time in the company’s founding history.

“I have a dream with SmartOutliers before and understand its distinctive approach that will turn failure into competitive advantages that defines nature, useful to global demand entity for research, design, agenting and tourism. I also look forward to working with global advisory board and other co-workers, to build a bright future for our clients, partners and staff.”

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Prior to appointment, Hassan is an independent Medical Analyst, MedDoc professional with experience across Medical Research, Health design, Health planning, Science and technology investigation planning, Civic leadership and youth engagement.

“I’m noted that the main goal of Smart Outliers[], is to make a well meaning tailored solutions to universal existence and workforce by developing their local talent and problems for global success”.

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