Shehu Sani Tasks Christians, Muslims On Unity Against Bandits, Terrorists


SENATOR Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central in the 8th Senate, has urged both Christians and Muslims in Kajuru and Southern Kaduna to unite and fight terrorism and banditry in the region.

Senator Sani who stated this during a peace parley meeting between Christian and Muslim clergies in Kajuru over the weekend said the spate of killings of innocent people in parts of Kajuru local government and southern Kaduna is already threatening the peace of the Country.

Sani maintained that Christians and Muslims must unite to resist and fight banditry, terrorism, kidnapping and insurgence that have threatened the unity and peace of the region.

According to him the report of genocide, killings and massacres that have been happening in Kajuru and Southern Kaduna axis is a shame and a disgrace to the people of Kajuru, Kaduna state and to the people of Northern Nigeria, adding, the North has suffered tremendously as a result of the incessant killings and bloodshed.

” For four decades blood has been shed in Kaduna State in the name of religion or ethnicity. Since we were Children we have witnessed killings and bloodshed for the last forty years.

He explained that what is unique with what is happening today in the Country was the involvement of terrorist killing people in Kajuru and Southern Kaduna.

He noted that if the Muslims and Christians do not unite to fight this terrorism their Children, Wives and grandchildren will continue to suffer this endless killings and bloodshed.

He further said that both Muslims and Christians must denounce banditry and terrorism who have no religion, stressing the Muslims minority must outrightly condemn the killings on the Christian Communities, also the majority Christians must condemn the killings on the Muslims minorities.

” Sympathy for banditry and terrorism put you on the same league with them. Fathers, Children and women are massacred everyday. The North has become an area where ceaseless mourning, bereavement and funeral services have become a daily affair in Northern part of Nigeria.

” We must condemn the mass murder in Kaduna as we condemn the mass murder going on Katsina, Birnin Gwari, Zamfara and Niger States. We must not justify, rationalize or give excuse for killings or murder,” Shehu Sani advised.

He added that no body can solve the problem only the Muslims and Christians that have been living together for decades.

” The land in Southern Kaduna is the most fertile land in the world that anything you plant will grow, but there is need for us to plant peace. Both religion must stand on their feets to fight the forces of terrorism that has become a problem to these local governments and beyond, it is not about the Governor of Kaduna State or President Muhammadu Buhari.

The fearless activist called on the people to unite their voices in condemning terrorism that has grappled the region. The majority Christian population should be able to protect the Muslim minority and the minority Muslim’s voice should be heard loudly and clearly condemning terrorism and Banditry, there should not be sympathy for anybody.

ELANZA NEWS reports that Senator Shehu Sani was able to built a town Hall and donate to CAN in memory of late Agwam Adara and renovate the Kajuru Central Mosque.

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