Sen Abbo Move To Intervene As Gully Erosion Destroys 46 Houses

Atleast, about 46 houses have been destroyed in Adamawa North Senatorial District by gully erosion, an on-the-spot accessmemt carried out by Sen Ishaku Abbo, has revealed. 
The last rainy season, it was gathered,  sent packing several residents that were leaving in the 46 homes.
The disaster was caused by serious gully erosion in the constituency, it was gathered.

But after the assessment, Sen Abbo who is seeking to assuage the sufferings of his constituents, said the gully erosion has also made resident to turn the area into a refuse dumping sites, bringing life-threatening diseases to the people of Kabang and Mubi South Local Government Area of Adamawa state.

Abbo, while on a visit to the area, saw how many poor people lost their homes as a result of the environmental degradation and perturbed that many more people will lose their homes if nothing is done urgently before the 2020 raining season starts.

Sen Abbi speaking to constituents while going round communities affected by erosion. Picture: Elanza News.
Abbo took practical steps and ordered for the evacuation of the refused dumps and the area destroyed by the gully erosion after going round the affected areas.

“I traversed the length and breadth of the erosion site that was turned into a huge refuse dumping site and smelling to high heavens. I made up my mind to commit my personal money into this project before ecological fund intervention comes. I arrived at the site with a pay Loader machine to start work on the site.

“Today I am a happy man because I have started doing something for another person. At least I will have a good night of sleep knowing fully well that I gave someone some hope.” Abbo said.

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Abbo in his official Facebook page opined that, “leaders are not elected to make excuses but to serve the people with all sense of responsibility.”

The senator said he is grateful to God for giving him the privilege to interact with the “poorest of the poor,” and to visit places that are usually ‘no-go-area’ for the ruling elites.

“I will forever be grateful to God for this eye-opening. I’ve enjoy the over one month holiday at home with my people. I am happy I didn’t go to Canada as I proposed since February 2019,” Abbo said while expressing optimism that the problems of his constituents would be solved.
One of the gully erosion sites visited by Sen Abbo. Picture credit: Elanza News.

A widow who owned a house that was destroyed by the erosion, Esther Galadima, who was in tears, said the rainfall of last year destroyed part of her house.

She said nobody seems to be concern about her plight until Abbo surprises them with an intervention visit.

While thanking Abbo with the efforts he has put in place to avert another destruction by erosion, she called on the government to work out the urban plan of the area and provide a designated place for dumping of refuse.

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