Security Breach Of NDA And Lesson From Afghanistan

Last week, Media spaces were awash with the story of the taking over of leadership of Afghanistan by the Talibans.

Nigerians began to express concern over the safety of their Country amidst Boko Haram and ISWAP led threat to Secular and Democratic Nigeria. Considering the fact that their gun struggle is aimed at enthroning a Theocratic Country, where their version of the Sharia Law will become the guiding Constitution.

Skeptics wrote-off the genuine concerned of Nigerians and hinged their arguments on the purported recent surrendering of some Boko Haram fighters. They equally asserts that Nigerian Armed Forces is stronger than that of the Afghanistan, hence, those with that mindset should perish the thought.

We woke this morning with the news of the breaching of the Security of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Afaka, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, which is not far from the Federal College of Forestry and Mechanisation where students were earlier kidnapped In Tens. In the Recent invasion of the Premier Military Tertiary Institution, Two persons were killed while One person was kidnapped according to the Academy source.

Since NDA is the Institution where our Security Agents learned their Combats Strategy, the Terrorists elements that have been traumatising Nigerians have gone their to test the quality of what they have been delivering, unfortunately, they have failed the test to Rag-tag elements.

Who knows where their next point of call will be? Skeptics wouldn’t have believed that Cave-dwelling Talibans would defeat Afghan Forces Trained by US Forces and their allies. Lo and behold, it is now a history.

May this serve as a wake up call to our Armed Forces to rise and crush all groups that have risen to engage the Nigerian State in gun struggle. Whenever they feel they can’t win the battles, they should allow all Nigerians to carry guns.

We can’t continue to be confined in our houses like wild animals in game reserves waiting to be porched by Pochers. Even Pochers do get killed by Big Cats, Hippos and other dangerous animals.

Mock Samuel Kure
Goska Kaninkon
Jema’a LGA

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