‘Security Agencies To Get N700bn In N895bn Supplimentary Budget’

Nigeria security agencies are set to get over N700 billion out of the N895 billion supplimentary budget being proposed by the Executive, Senate President Ahmad Lawan has said.

Following the security challenges in the country, Senate president Lawan had before a meeting with the service chiefs, told his colleagues to made up their minds and approve more funds for the security agencies if there should be a request from the executive.

In recent times, Lawan has always advocated for more funds for the security agencies as the only basis they could be hold accountable for the security challenges.

But speaking at an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp yesterday in Abuja, the Senate president announced the executive is sending about N895 billion supplimentary budget to the National Assembly.

In the proposed budget, Lawan said over N700 billion is going to the security agencies.

“The National Assembly would expedite action to consider the request for a supplementary budget, given the approval of N895 billion request for a supplementary budget by the executive.

“This would make available the required resources to security agencies for people to be safe in their communities and return. Over N700 billion is been proposed for the security agencies. The national assembly have been waiting very patiently for the request for the supplementary budget, ” Lawan said while presenting a N10 million worth of relief materials to Wassa Internally Displace Persons (IDP) in Abuja.

The presentation was made by Lawan in company of the deputy president of the Senate, Ovie Omo-Agege and other principal officers.

The presentation was part of the activities marking the midterm session of the 9th Senate.

Lawan said insecurity was one of the major issue that Nigerians were concerned about adding that the presence of the Wassa IDP camp was actually the consequence of the security situation.

Lawan said the Senate would also continue to focus on other areas that matter to Nigerians including but not limited to providing an electoral climate in which Nigerians could freely elect their leaders and representatives.

“The Senate would also work assiduously to review the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 to ensure governance is improved upon for Nigerians to continue to enjoy its diversity and utilise its vast endowments.

“This is an Internally Displaced Peoples’ Camp, non of our brothers and sisters in this camp wanted to be here or wished to be here.

“All of them are forced to be in an IDP camp, the rest of us who are not in this camp and those of us especially in leadership positions are supposed to show empathy and commitment.

“First, ensuring that while these our compatriots are in this camp and indeed in any other camp, that their life is protected.

“Their dignity is protected and of course,we must ensure that these Nigerians in this camp and indeed in all other refugee camps or IDPs camp who are vulnerable in so many ways receive what is due to them from government.

“They need to be protected,that is to say there must be sufficient security here and indeed across the country to protect them. But they also need government to do what is right,” Lawan said adding that they will take particular interest on the health facilities available in all IDP camps.

“We as a government, we have a national policy on refugees and people in camps like this. How are we up to date with implementation of the provisions of that national policy,” Lawan asked.”

He said the national assembly has been working very closely with the executive to provide more resources for the armed forces and other security agencies to fight insecurity until normalcy was restored in all parts of the country.



Mr Usman Ibrahim, Chairman of the WASSA 2 IDP camp said members of the community are happy for the government’s gesture.

He, however, called on government to relocate them to other place given the plan by the FCDA to take over the structure housing the IDPs.

“Sometimes, they come to us about these houses, they do say that government want to start their work on the houses, so we appeal to governments to provide us with another place or a tent for temporary shelter.”

He also appeal to governments to provide required drugs in the clinic serving the community.

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