SARS: Dissolution, Ill-Advised Decision – Musa Baba

By Adamu Aminu

Mallam Musa Baba, a Kano based political and social affairs commentator said the abrupt decision taken by the federal government to dissolved the Special Anti-Robbery Squad is unwarranted and grossly ill-advised given this era when armed robbery, banditry and another form of criminality are increasingly becoming a defining dimension of insecurity across the federation.

“This doesn’t mean that SARS operatives are spotless of excesses in the course of discharging their duties, but their advantages outways their shortcomings,” He said.

Solacebase reports that over a week series of protests are on-going in Nigeria and some other countries with calls to #EndSARS, #Endpolicebrutality and Endbanditry among others.

Baba on Monday added that despite the federal government succumbing to the protesters’demands which led to the dissolution of SARS, the bedrock of the anger, 37 ex-operatives pencilled for dismissal, while 34 are to be prosecuted and going to the extent of the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo publicly on behalf of the federal government tendered an unreserved apology and assured the demonstrators to sheath their swords and stop the protest.

” Despite all that, this doesn’t douse the tension, the demonstrators forge ahead in wreaking havoc, there must be an ulterior motive, the mission goes beyond agitation for SARS cancellation and against police brutality,” he confirmed.

Adding that ” the SARS needs reformation, not disbandment, because of systemic criminality permeating the nooks and crannies of this nation, and many of them lost their lives in daring encounters with armed bandits and robbers.

Additionally, Baba says succumbing to the protesters’ demands of scrapping SARS with the blink of an eye is the highest form of docility ever recorded by a sitting government in the history of this nation.

“Based on the fact, the demonstration is mainly populated by the people from other parts of the country, while terrorists and armed-bandits in the northern part of this country are killing and maiming innocents citizens and yet nothing in sight to redeem them from the retrogressive backwaters of insecurity, he said.

Mallam Musa Baba urged President Muhammadu Buhari to execute what is urgently needful towards stemming the tides of insecurity bedevilling the nation.

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