Sahara Confusers Doing What It Does Best: In Defence Of Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami

By Abdulkadir Sulaiman

Sahara confusers are synonymous to fake news and reporting unverified stories, they lack ethics in their journalism and seeing them falsely accusing Dr Pantami of acquiring three houses in Wuse, Abuja did not in anyway surprise me. The Sheikh confirmed he owns one of the houses and has been a tenant in one. Eyebrows were raised(especially from haters of course) as to how Sheikh got to acquire the “mansion”.

Sheikhs’ defensive assertions did not bode well with some, but gentlemen, allow me to carefully analyse whether or not Sheikh can acquire the property in question.

1- Dr Pantami was invited to work in one of the top Universities in the Holy Land of Madina as Head of Technical Writing in 2014. Malam spent 2years in Madina receiving a monthly entitlement plus allowances of up to 5,000,000NGN monthly. Malam should have earned an approximate of 120,000,000NGN.

2- Sheikh was recalled and was offered to serve his motherland in September 2016 as the DG of NITDA, where he was pocketing around 2,500,000NGN monthly(excluding bonuses and other miscellaneous incentives). Add that up, and by the time he left NITDA, Malam should have earned not less than 90,000,000NGN.

3- A Director General or a Chief Executive Officer in a FG parastatal is entitled to upfront allowances and wardrobe allowances annually of nothing less than 30,000,000NGN. The humble Sheikh during his stay in NITDA shouldn’t have basked nothing short of 100,000,000NGN.

4- Sheikh became a Minister in August 2019, and up to the time of this write up, Sheikh is entitled to earn more than 70,000,000NGN. Add-ons of more than 30,000,000NGN.

5- You would expect Dr Pantami to venture into some businesses as well as associations that should have earned him nothing less than 5,000,000NGN.

6- It is also worth mentioning that Dr Pantami, has worked in ATBU as a Lecturer for some couple of years, He is a Member of Shari’ah Board of Jaiz Bank, He is also a Shurah member and Deputy Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Shari’ah (SCS) in Nigeria. He also is the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Al’Hudah Islamiyyah & Mosque Foundation, and a member/secretary of Bauchi State Elders Advisory Committee and Bauchi state National Qur’anic Competition Committee among other committees. From the committees above, Malam should have lawfully amassed up to 5,000,000NGN.

People of God, as at the time of this write up, Dr Pantami has lawfully acquired nothing short of 500,000,000NGN. The two properties in question(both the one acquired and the one rented) cannot cost Sheikh more than 200,000,000NGN. So, why all the hateful bickering?

All the figures are estimates of what he is entitled to and not the exact figures. You can do your own findings to confirm or counter my claims.

Conclusively, Sahara Confusers has, in less than two months tried to tarnish or at least “verbally killed” three reputable Islamic scholars. First, it was an obituary notice of Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau, then accusing Prof Mansur Ibrahim Sokoto of “supporting” rape, and now Dr Pantami. Only God knows what Sahara Confusers are up to against respected figures in this Country. Alas, not forgetting the malicious allegations labelled against Senator Ibrahim Shekarau and Senator Danjume Goje of conniving to assassinate The Late Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam.

Abdulkadir Suleiman
14/11/1441 = 06/07/2020

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