Every business generation evolves from various degree of technological advancement and socio-economic exigencies posed by any given circumstances. As salient as this issues presented in this article: it is imperative not to ignorantly circumvent our navigating ability in our today’s ever changing world in doing hospitality business. Hence, the need to carefully apply these articulated “recipes”presented here.

From what is before our world now, it is evident that all of us in the hospitality industry need to evolve into accepting the varying industry new normal, introduced by Covid-19 pandemic. And part of the measure to navigate it is by the Grace of God, is presented here.

Tourism and hospitality business around the world will definitely reinvent itself in both intrinsic and extrinsic deliverables that makes for a total hospitality package in our day to day “offerings” in the industry. Guest and esteemed customers expectations will rise above the normal as necessitated by Covid-19 and perhaps other rising health related challenges that places higher safety and health demands on the hospitality industry.

Safety and hygiene codes are amongst other critical hospitality business elements to look out for in post Covid-19, are the fast changing modus operandi in the industry.
More so, we are likely to see a social evolution in what we have been doing in the past to a new normal. This will definitely impact on our industry practices going forward in other to stimulate the following:

1. Acceptability of our hotel brand will largely depend on the your guest and cusotoymer’s “perception of your hotel brand.
2. Indused loyalty from guest and customers when we comply with emerging safety and hygiene practices.
3. Attract switchers to other hotel brands whoes safety and hygiene practices are “above board”.
4. Create the expected business Volume of business recovery.
4 Establish the market niche for your hotel brand.

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The areas of concerns for safety and Hygiene codes
a. HAZARD ANALYSIS: This areas of concern when examined successful will yield the expected recovery speed of your business as a result of observable best practices.

Hazard analysis offers you the opportunity to diagnose your hotel production and service interfaces with regards to emerging best practices from areas of supply raw materials, receiving of raw materials, sorting , portioning and the final consumption of usage stage by guests and customers alike or plants and machine.
We should probably envisiage that this Corona virus may be staying in this world for some time. Hence the need
to adopt beyond the ordinary safety and hygiene practices in the hotel industry.

b. CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS: These are areas that could cause serious health incidences when not mitigated properly. The food and beverage department of the hotel must be pragmatically conscious of this areas of concern both from staff handling measures an other( PPE ) personal protective equipments for all food handling interfaces, activities in the laundary and all other house keeping activities as a going concern. These safety practices in post Covid-19 will definitely be uniquely engaged with the view to establishing an imoroved safety and hygiene consciousness of all” CRITICAL CONTROL” POINTS.
Let me be quick to say here, that every hotel brand, depending on it’s size will have to come up with a written document( check list) on the hazard analysis and critical control point measures. This will capture the exigencies of our times. ( Post Covid-19).
The storage systems in our hotels need to be improved upon as a result of the times we are evolving into. Areas of using visible charts, zero tolerance on all ” COMPLIANCE DEVIATIONS” etc.

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C. HYGIENE CODES: As adherences of the religious hygiene practices in the hotel, we have consistently emphasised the need for Hygiene best practices; namely, personal hygiene, equipment Hygiene, and environmental hygiene. These areas are intertwined in the hotel industry. This, we have elucidate in the previous articles in this platform. ” Clean as you work” has remained one major operational hygiene “CODE ” in the hospitality world to all those practitioners in the industry.

Especially, food and beverage department of the hotel which is one of the largest departments. Thus, with the emerging challenges hygiene challenge posted by Covid-19, the new normal will be ” CLEAN BEFORE WORK”. And this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have phased out ” clean as you work” but it just an improvement over the previous. So what this means now is that; you must just jump into working on a surface you personally have not cleaned before. This is especially true for food and beverage department.

In conclusion, there is likely to be an emerging laws, codes, regulations etc .on tourist of different class, wether, occupational, medical leisure, sports, religious, film industry etc. As far as hospitality industry is the destination for accommodation, food and drinks: safety and hygiene “NEW” practices must be at it’s peak.

Additionally, it will be important to State here that the various hotel brands must ensure visibility of safety and hygiene standards in television adverts, bill boards and other means of communicating the supposed improvements on safety and hygiene matters. Thus, winning the confidence of loyal guest and the possible ” switchers”.

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Welcome to the future our world has consciously created.

Napoleon Mamman mimc,Hatman,mnchm
Principal consultant
(Napsman consulting)

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