S/Kaduna Women Protest Over Incessant Killings, Accuse Military Of Biase


Worried by the incessant killings of their love ones, hundreds of Southern Kaduna women have taken to the major roads, to display their displeasure.

Mrs. Dorcas David who spoke on behalf of the women protesters on Saturday morning lamented that, the curfew imposed in the area was a ploy to give cover for their killers, calling on the Government as a matter of urgency to remove the curfew imposed in the area.

She said it’s was as a result of the curfew the killers gain access to their Villages hacking small Children, their bread winners, sisters, brothers and their husbands to death in a very babaric manner.

According to her the Military that was deployed has been baised in protecting lives and properties irrespective of tribe or religion is now a tool that is use in killing them.

” Is unfortunate that our killers could still beat security check-points, invade our Communities and carry out all kind of heinous act for hours without any interruption.

” We have called the military in several occassions when our Communities are under attacks but they only comes when the attackers must have finished their operations and left,” She disclosed.

” The military are only in Zango protecting the Hausa Communities not the Christains areas.

” We’re here to tell the World and the Government to know that the military sent to guard us have now form part of the problem we are facing in Southern Kaduna,” Dorcas said.

Adding,” The curfew was tactically imposed by the State Government to give their killers cover.

She disclosed that most Communities have fled for fear of impending attacks, adding their farmalands have completely been taken over by the Fulani herdsmem and turned them to grazing fields.

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