Rt. Hon. Isa Ashiru And his Quest To Revive The Rural Economy

By, Manasseh Istifanus;

The Kaduna State PDP gubernatorial candidate, Rt. Hon. Mohammed Isa Ashiru Kudan on Saturday, 19th November, 2022 while addressing the Council of Imams and Ulamas in Kaduna reiterated his intention and commitment on the need to revive the rural economy by bringing back the good old days where the mainstay of the rural economy was farming and rearing of animals to cater for basic family needs including school fees of their wards. Ashiru being someone who comes from the village himself is committed to bringing back those good old days where the defunct Kaduna State Agricultural Development Projects were functional and Agricultural Extension Workers offer technical services on agriculture to farmers, and also supply them with the necessary inputs and services to support their agricultural production. These were days when the state government provided information to farmers and passed to the farmers new ideas developed by agricultural research stations.

Truth be told, most people who have been writing gibberish that Rt. Hon. Isa Ashiru sighted an example on how rural dwellers can be empowered to rear red goats to support themselves were actually beneficiaries of such rural economic system back in the days. Most people who come from the rural areas actually attended school because their parents were farmers and were rearing animals to support their education.

Today, insecurity has made it difficult for rural dwellers to go to their farms, and that has in no small measure increased the level of poverty in our rural communities. So, if there is someone who is eager to offer an alternative to reduce the level of poverty in our rural areas, he should be applauded and not jeered.

It is rather unfortunate that those who benefited from the rural economic system of old are today the ones mocking it. Some of us who understand the excruciating pains of poverty that our people in the rural communities are passing through are solidly behind Rt. Hon. Isa Ashiru to revive the rural economy.

Carry go Rt. Hon. Ashiru, kiwo jajeye akuyoyin nan zai taimake talaka, ya kuma fitar da shi daga talauci mai tsanani.

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