Revealed: How VIO Area Commanders Defy FCTA, Provost, Return Thugs To FCT Roads

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Area Commanders of the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) have engaged thugs as adhoc staff to collect revenue for them despite their disbandment by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and their Provost, Elanza News can report. 
Recently, some of these VIO ad-hoc staff deployed to the roads without any professional training have been having altercation with motorists, resulting to accidents and traffic gridlock.
Elanza News reports that the deployment of these thugs as VIO adhoc staff by the Area Commanders, violated the earlier directive of government that such people should not be deploy to the roads for the purpose of revenue collection.
It was gathered that most of these VIO ad-hoc staff engaged have no letters of engagement and untrained.
The earlier government directive that such staff should not be seen on the roads prompted the FCT VIO Provost and his deputy to go round the commands and highway and arrested adhoc staff illegally engaged to collect revenue in the FCT.
While motorists and residents of Abuja were enjoying some level of sanity on the roads, the VIO Area Commanders, who are direct beneficiaries of such nefarious activities have now brought these thugs back to the roads, it was gathered.
Sources said the return of these thugs who have now been deployed to roads by the VIO Area Commanders is behind recent fight and clashes between motorists and the officials of the VIO.
“Let me tell you, the problem we have now concerning the clashes you’ve seen on the highway involving VIO officials is caused by the area commanders. Some of these guys on the roads are not VIO staff. They are adhoc staff engaged by the Area Commanders. They are not trained.
“The directorate took a drastic action in the past and mandated the Provost to clean up the system. The Provost and his deputy went round and arrested some of these guys causing problems. The Area Commanders were mandated not to engage such people again but they have brought them back to the roads. That is why you see these problems we are having today,” a source within the system said.
“The casual staff are creating nuisance because they are not trained. Earlier, the Provost and his deputy cleaned up the area commands of these untrained non- staff.
“The Area Commanders use them to generate revenue for their interest at the expense of the general public. The area commanders do this in connivance with some top VIO officials at the headquarters who are also beneficiaries,” another source familiar with the operation said adding that government had earlier warned on the dangers of engaging such people.
“We have warned them on the dangers of using non staff for operation due to their corrupt and exploitation of the people,” an FCTA staff told Elanza News on the directives given to VIO.
But the Spokesman of the FCT VIO, Dr Tunde Aregbesola, who said he was not aware of such activities, added that no area commander has the right to employ adhoc staff into the system.
According to Aregbesola, the Director of the FCT VIO will investigate and ensure that any area commander that violated the laws is made to face the quensequences.
“If I tell you I am aware of what you are saying, I will be ignorant of the question you are asking. But in every system, there are people who have good notion about the system and there are others who have bad notion about the system.
“I want to believed if any area commander should do that, under the public service rule they don’t have the right. You can’t bring negativity to the system you are serving.
“If any of the commanders is doing that, he is doing it at his own peril because the system does not know such activities. By bringing people to the system without letter of appointment or employment is wrong. That is my candid opinion,” Aregbesola said.
When asked if the VIO headquarters will investigate and act on the issue, Aregbesola, said the present Director will act and ensure penalty for officers carrying out illegalities at the area commands.
“No area commander has any legal right to employ adhoc staff. Even the Director does not have that sold responsibility to do that. So, that is what I can say for now,” Aregbesola added.
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