Restructuring: Wadada Differ With Abdullahi Adamu, Backs Southern Governors

Former House of Representatives member who is also the Sarki Yakin Keffi, Rt Hon Aliyu Wadada, has supported the stand of the Southern Governors for a ban on open grazing.

According to Wadada, the ban on open grazing and restructuring is the panacea for tackling insecurity in the country.

Former governor of Nasarawa State and serving Senator, Abdullahi Adamu, has described the Southern Governors as traitors and politicians playing to the gallery for taking such a stand.

But Wadada, who is hoping to take over from Abdullahi Adamu in the Senate in 2023, insisted that the recommendations of the Southern Governors is the right step in the right direction.

Speaking to newsmen while delivering his Sallah message to Nigerians, Wadada said: “The practice of movement of cattles from Northern to Southern region is outdated and must be outlaw because it endanger the lives of the herdsmen as well as the wellbeing of the Cattles.”

Wadada, however, said ranching is what Nigerians should focus on adding that it has sociological and economic benefit to Nigerians.

“Ranching will usher in increase of livestock production, create employment and rapid industrialisation,” Wadada said insisting that the primary purpose of government at all level is to protect lives and properties of the people.

“From all indication, the nation needs divine intervention to end the menace of insecurity, ” the Sarkin Yakin Keffi said while endorsing restructuring as a solution.

“As a political and traditional leader, i strongly support the Southern Governors’ call for restructuring from federal, state and local government that include devolution of power and resources at all level of government,” he said.

Wadada said his home state Nasarawa is endowed with Solid Minerals that are yet to be tapped.

“These mineral resources are yet to be tapped because of the present structure of government,” Wadada said adding that there is urgent need for local government autonomy.

“Local government autonomy will arrest youth restiveness as well as bring development close to the people. When i was growing up, most of the influencial people around us were contractors of Keffi Local Government,” Wadada said while calling on leaders to take their development stride to the grass roots in order to arrest unemployment and insecurity.

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