Religious Leaders Can End Violence Against Women – UNICEF

The UNICEF Spotlight Initiative Programme on the elimination of violence against women and girls has said that religious leaders are in a better position to preach to their congregations about violence against women.

The national coordinator Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls, Dr Uzoaka Williams who stated this on Monday at a stakeholders sensitization meeting of Chruatian Council of Nigeria/UNICEF Spotlight Initiative Programme on eliminate violence against women and girls held in Abuja, said that women also are created in the same image that God created men and gave them opportunity that go and dominate but we have noticed that there is this unnecessary tracking that has excluded women from the table of discussion and we know that this is the time to speak out so that women’s rights will be protected.

“The church has a voice to talk to the congregations. Everybody in church listen to their pastors and that is why some pastors can tell their congregations to do some obnoxious things.So pastors should use their positivities to influence their church members to do the right thing.

“The perpetrators are elders, and leaders in the church so let them start from the church. It is not all about the goverment. So let us start from where we are before going to the wide society,” she stated.

The general secretary of Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN), Rev Evans Onyemara said that where ever women are found you will discover that women are not being given the opportunity up to their full potentials either by education, by employment or appointment.

The program that we are in here today is to ensure that we engineer that every society is towards end violence against women and girls.

The Senior pastor Unity Baptist Church Utako-Abuja, Rev Sabonyaro Adams call on the stakeholders to create awareness of the women and girl child protection including sexual and gender based violence through different channels.

“As a leaders we must ensure that there are referral mechanism, trauma healing centers and counselling. We should also advocate for a developmental agenda that addresses violence against women and girls.”

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