Read What Peter Obi Says In Taraba That Is Making Buhari Supporters Angry 

The former governor of Anambra state, and the presidential aspirant under the People’s Democratic Party PDP Peter Gregory Obi lambasted the Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari adding that it is time to move from sharing formular (Borrowing to share) to production formula.


He spoke during his visit to PDP delegates in Taraba on Monday in Jalingo. 


Even though Buhari’s supporters have been angry over the statement, having borrowed trillions of naira, Obi was focused, urging the PDP delegates to think about the future of their children while choosing their preferred candidate.


According to him he said “I grant an interview that Nigeria is a failed state, because Nigeria is not in total control of its economy.


“When you wake up every morning, you hear killings everyday. Nigeria has experienced leadership failure within the year”. 


“We’ve more people living in poverty, we have the highest number of unemployed youth. Graduates came back to be fed by there parents”.


“Our Stress index worsens, things are getting worse. We borrow to consume. Under Tafewa Balewa, Nigeria borrowed its first money, and built the Kainji Dam, 58 years ago, and it’s still standing today, but today we borrow for consumption,” Obi said, a statement Buhari’s supporters don’t want to hear. 


“Fighting crime is easy, you need two things to fight crime, number one, poverty reduction. Second is investment in the youth. Nigeria youth are talented” 


“The only thing the Nigerian government knows is the sharing formula, we need to move from that to the production formula. 

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“Egyptian and South Africa power grid is about 54,000wt, but the giant with the biggest economy has only 4000wt.


Taraba State governor, Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku, described Peter Obi as a rare gem,” stating that with his brilliant lecture, he’s the only candidate for the job.


The Peter Obi campaign DG, Dr Doyo Okute asserts that: “I present to you a candidate per excellent. I’ve campaigned for Obasanjo, and Goodluck and both of them won, and I believe Peter Obi will win.


“Peter Obi has been a distinguished scholar, and a well intelligent person, he has attended some of the best universities in the world.


“There’s no Nigerian governor that has left a state office worth 75 billion naira, by the time he left, he was not owing pensioners, workers, or any contractor”.

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