Read What el-Rufai Want To Do With Appointees, Civil Servants

As the nation’s economic woes bite harder, Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai is planning to cut short the number of appointees and civil servants.

In 2015 when he came to power as governor of Kaduna State, el-Rufai announced he was going to run a slim government adding that himself and his then deputy, Bala Bantex will maintain only three special advisers each and few special assistants.

He later changed the decision unannounced. Many have since been appointed into the government with attractive packages, thereby increasing the cost of governance.

But the governor said his administration will soon retrench workers on the state payroll.

He also added that apart from the civil servants he will also reduce his political appointees.

“The state government will not pay salary of people that are not working who are redundant, therefore, workers without proper qualification and those above 50 years including those who are not even going to work regularly and yet are being paid salary will be affected,” el-Rufai said.
“We are looking at the possibility of reducing political appointees because if you reduce others and fail to reduce yours, that will be injustice. We will surely check and reduce some of our own. In fact, we have already commenced the process,” the governor said during a Hausa broadcast.

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