Ratcliffe: Story Of Manchester United Fan Who Want To Buy Chelsea



The Richest man in the UK, Manchester United fan who is also the owner of Nice football club, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is set to buy Chelsea football club amidst fans objection.


Ratcliffe launched last-gasp £4 billion bid to buy Chelsea which includes £1.75 billion on team and stadium, Elanza News gathered.


The 69-year-old Monaco-based British billionaire and chemical engineer who is now financier and industrialist, Ratcliffe, has a net worth of 16.1 billion USD, according to 2022 Forbes report.


Born on 18 October, 1952 in Failsworth, United Kingdom, Ratcliffe, has three children and currently live with Alicia Ratcliffe as wife. 


Ratcliffe was named as the UK’s richest person in 2019. As a Manchester United fan,  Ratcliffe has been eyeing to buy the football club if the Glazers decides to sell. 


While such window seems to have been closed, Ratcliffe took advantage of the plan by Chelsea’s Russian owner Abram Ibramovic’s decision to sell and he bided it for up to £4 billion. 


Ratcliffe, boyhood Red Davil’s fan, is also the owner of Ligue 1 side Nice, professional cycling team Ineos Grenadiers, Sir Ben Ainslie’s sailing team, Ineos Team UK, and is one of the sponsors of the Mercedes Formula One team.


The 69-year-old Ratcliffe who has made heavy investment in the world of sports and now want to buy Chelsea football club, it was gathered, made his money through shale gas as a co-founder of Inspec, before launching Ineos in 1998, where his fortunes increased.

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Ratcliffe sells diverse range of products, which includes: synthetic oils and plastics to solvents used to make insulin and antibiotics.


In 2006, Ratcliffe company Ineos bought BP’s refining and petrochemical arm Innovene and in 2010, Ratcliffe relocated Ineos’ head office to Switzerland, in what was a masterstroke of financial thinking as he cut the company’s tax bill by £100 million per year.


Reports say Ratcliffe stills earns two-thirds of Ineos today, which has an estimated turnover of $80 billion (£59.3 billion).


The Oldham-born entrepreneur, Ratcliffe, has an estimated annual salary of $10m (£7.4m).


It was gathered that Ratcliffe racked up lifetime earnings of £17.5 billion.


It is not the first time Ratcliffe will be interested in buying Chelsea football club. In 2019, Ratcliffe was heavily interested in sealing a deal to buy Chelsea but was unwilling to meet Roman Abramovich’s £2.5 billion estimation of the club.


He invested his money in the league 1 club Nice and after stabilisation, Ratcliffe is back for Chelsea chase.  


Analysts say the UK-born billion, Ratcliffe, now has enough money to buy any biggest football clubs haven invested heavily in the sporting world.


In September 2020, it was gathered that  Ratcliffe moved to tax-free Monaco, where he saved up to £4 billion a year on tax payments. Ratcliffe is now chasing Chelsea’s sellers with £4 billion, an amount he might have made in a year through tax holiday. 


Ratcliffe is also the owner of Swiss top flight football team FC Lausanne-Sport which he purchased  in 2017. 

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FC Lausanne-Sport adds to the list of Ratcliffe sports clubs he owns underneath his company’s name.


It was gathered that outside of the sporting wold, Ratcliffe has previously owned two super yachts, but still has the 78-metre long Hampshire II. Ratcliffe also owns 50% of the Pig Hotels business group. Report say the UK billionaire is ready to buy Chelsea football club with £4 billion which includes £1.75 on team and stadium. 

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