Rape: A Newly Discovered Egregious Scientific Element On The Periodic Table


Are you aware of a newly discovered element called Rape (MF) by Ajibola O.A. The symbol was coined as a representation of the masculine and feminine gender. It is found to be stable at the centre of the feminine periodic table. It is the ever egregious element discover on the table. The loathsome element belong to the “crime act” group and “sexual dysfunctional” period of the periodic table. It has three (3) valence electrons namely: conception, imagination and action. This account for its stages of actualization and reaction.

Rape is simply a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other form of sexual penetration carried out against a person without the person’s consent. The act may be carried out by physical; force, abuse of authority, or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated has an intellectual disability or below the legal age of consent (WHO).

Rape (MF) had being in existence over the years but was not officially publicised and recognized perhaps because of it seldom appearance in the society physocio-chemical reactions. It may/may not occur freely depending on the mindset of the perpetrator. It can occur in combined state with any assault such as paralysis, death et cetera. It’s incessant occurrence in the 20th and 21st century brought it to limelight and call for rapt attention.


The ability of an element to exist in different/various forms in the same physical state is known as allotropy. Rape (MF) can exist in two (2) major physical form viz;

(a) Man to woman
(b) Woman to man
But the former gain more attention than the latter because of its recurrence and frequency in socio-chemical world.


• It is colourless, odourless but injurious
• It usually involve two different gender
• It is about 2.5 times more denser than death
• It happen without the total consent of one of the two parties
• It occur when the intentional partner eventually agree to do the right thing at the wrong time
• It is poisonous. It’s capable of damaging the psychological life of the victimized.

 Rape (MF) + 1st (MF) ~ Rapist (MF)
The first time a person cohort with this element, this element will give such an egregious label viz; Rapist.

 Rape (MF) + Murder (MF) ~ Life Imprisonment (MF)
As the law of God and all responsive creatures is against this element. Any reaction with this element and going as far as terminating the life of the unintentional party may cost such a person his/her lifetime apart from other metaphysical punishment.

 Rape (MF) + Consent (MF) ~ Joke (MF)
Intentional sexual engagement with an opposite sex is not yet a problem (holistically) but due to an unforeseen occurrence detriment to either party, then either of the party decide to tag it “Rape” (MF). Dear friend, you are a joker.

 Rape (MF) + Indecency (MF) ~ You have what you call (MF)
When this element evolve it choking effervescence gas on you as a result of some impurities such as indecency in word, character, or dressing combined with you. Nothing has happened but just that “you have what you call”. As you know that responsible men don’t deal in an arena of indecency.

 Rape (MF) + Cultism/Ritualism (MF) ~ Nemesis (MF)
If you Rape just to satisfy your ritual/occultic interest. In no distance time, Nemesis will catch up.

Till yesterday there have not been any substantial means to get an evidence for the unintentional party (victimized). All the acclaimed evidence depend on the readiness, smartness and sensitivity before or during such grotesque act which most cases may be impracticable and uneasy for all. Moreover, even this type of evidence can be tampered with by the Nigerian factor.

To the two prominent gender especially the carefully, wonderfully made, valuable, distinguished and disciplined (though not all belong to this category) feminine gender should take note of the following;

 Extra-sensitive and vigilant
 Don’t be always lonely
 Mingle with the right people
 Display less of your private patrimony (Selah). Again, “Responsible men don’t buy goods that are not covered”.
 Be discipline in thought and action
 Select what you hear, listen to and watch
 As a youth trust nobody except your parent because devil can rent any free soul
 As a married person trust and confide all necessaries in your spouse
 Always take to note your conscience and premonition
 Support campaign for prompt Justice for the victimized souls
 Love is sweet if only you can pay the price
 Shun depression and frustration
 Don’t ever conceive to play Gimmick or prank on opposite sex
 Foremost, Possess the Holy spirit and trust the giver of life

Adefisan Ajibola Oluwaferanmi is a graduate of industrial chemistry, Public speaker, enthusiastic writer and a passionate songs writer.

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