Putin Says US And Allies Ignored Russia’s Security Demands 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US had ignored Russia’s demands that NATO not expand eastward in his first remarks on rising tensions over Ukraine in more than a month.

But he added that Moscow is still open for more talks with the West on easing tensions over Ukraine.

Putin said the Kremlin was still studying the US and NATO’s response to Russia’s security demands which included that NATO not expand to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries and that it rolls back deployments in Eastern Europe.

He added that the US and its allies violated obligations on the integrity of security made at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The Russian leader also argued that while Western allies emphasise every country’s freedom to choose alliances, they neglect the principle of the “indivisibility of security” enshrined in the OSCE documents.

That involves the principle that the security of one nation should not be strengthened at the expense of others.

Putin was speaking after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Kremlin where they spoke about tensions in Ukraine.

It comes as tensions between NATO and Russia mount after the Kremlin amassed tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine’s border.

US officials have warned repeatedly that Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment while Russia has denied the allegation. US and Russian officials exchanged harsh words at a session of the UN Security Council on Monday.

Western countries have threatened to put coordinated sanctions on Russia in the event of an incursion into Ukraine.

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Orban argues against sanctions

At a press conference with Putin, Orban argued that “the sanctions policy that has been introduced against Russia has caused more damage to Hungary than to Russia.”

He said Hungary had lost some markets due to the sanctions policy, which first came into effect in 2014 over Russia’s actions in Ukraine. EU leaders have voted unanimously to extend the sanctions.

On NATO, Orban said the gap between Russia and NATO was still wide but not “unbridgeable”.

“It is possible to reach an agreement that guarantees peace, guarantees Russia’s security and is acceptable to NATO member states,” he said.


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