Post Harvest Loses: CEFTER Trains Community Extension Advisors To Help Benue Farmers

In order to bring back the lost glory of farmers, the Centre For Food Technology and Research (CEFTER), Benue State University Màkurdi has trained over 118 Community Extension Advisors to help curbed the menace of post harvest loses.

The training which is organized by CEFTER’ in collaboration with the Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (BNARDA), our Correspodent gathered is to enable farmers get effective and efficient extension information at the grassroot.

Declaring the occasion open,the leader of CEFTER, Dr Barnabas Ikyo discosed that the focus of the training is to help farmers have knowledge on low-cost Techniques for the control of post harvest loses on some of the staple crops.

Dr Ikyo named the Five target crops to includes, Vegetable Crops, such as Tomatoes and Pepper, Tuber Crops, such as Yams,Tree Crops such as Citrus as well as Cereals Crops such as Soybeans and Rice

According to him, “through these extension Services farmers will develop their technical Organization, management skills and the Extension education will also assist farmers to identify and analysed their production problems and become aware of the opportunities for improvements.

Dr. Ikyo emphasized that the aftermath of the training is to help farmers meet the present and emerging challenges, improve productivity and utilization along agricultural value chain using modern techniques and available market opportunities to create wealth and improve their living standard

He urged all the trainees to ensure that they put to maximum use to what they learnt by encouraging farmers to change their traditional attitudes towards Agricultural development and as well help them to achieve a better living standard.

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“The importance and essence of training the Community Extension Advisors is to make them knowledgeable about the current development in agricultural extension system”

Why calling on Governmemt at all level to back its claim of encouraging Commercial agriculture by ensuring available market for farmers produce, Dr Ikyo enumerated the challenges faced by Agricultural Extension Services to includes, lack of legislated Agric extension policy.

Other challenges he said included, inadequate budgetary allocation to extension services, poor access to credit facilities by small scale farmers as well as Poor targeting of Youths and Women and other vulnerable group in agric sector.

Also Speaking, the Centre’s Director for Research and Planning,Dr. Sylvester Adejo said at the end of the training the Community Extension Advisors will be equipped with relevant knowledge to teach farmers the kind of seedlings to plant, when to plant, how to plant, weed control as well as the time of harvest to enable farmers get Market for their produce.

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