Politicians Are Not Your Friends

By James Patrick

The greatest problem in Nigeria is the unfortunate beings we call our politicians. They are the biggest headache of this country – they are the trouble with Nigerian. Politician are the biggest nightmare this country continues to have. They are the siege that continues to hold the progress of this great country. The moment we remove all this politicians through whichever means possible, the better for the ordinary citizens of this country. If we succeed in doing this, we are indirectly removing the trouble of Nigeria. In as far as this same set of people remain functional in the Nigerian body polity, am sorry to burst your bubbles, we would continue on this retrogressive path as a Nation, probably till infinitum! Our politicians in this country are the real enemies of the state. They are the real enemy of the Nigerian populace. Fellow Nigerians, let it be known unto you and let it sink into your subconscious mind today that these politicians you see come around once in four years are not your friends, neither are they your helpers, your providers, nor your heaven sent Messiah. Stop seeing them as your saviors, because they are not here to safe your wretched soul from chronic poverty. A Nigerian Politician in plain terms without necessarily being economical with the bitter truth, is your worst enemy. Your politicians are your worst enemies – they are the worst among the worst things that would ever happen to our lives. They are the worst disaster that has ever happened in our national life as a people. Fellow Nigerian youth! If you see an average politician in Nigerian and a rattle snake or a viper, please try to do away with the former before the later – they are more poisonous than a snake venom.
The general slogan which our leaders want us to believe is that “police is your friend” but even a five year old toddler knows that this is a big lie from the pit of hell. Police were never our friends. They are never our friends and they will never be our friends till thy kingdom come. Same with our Politicians, they were our enemies when we got our independent, they are our enemies and they still remain our biggest enemies until the very day we the Nigerian youth stand up against them. The police and the Politician are no different from each other in this country. Their aims and objectives are the same, the only difference is that each operate at a different realm. One common known factor about both is the exploitation of the powerless in the society. Let me give you a short definition of who a friend is; a friend is somebody who brings something good into your life and takes something bad out of your life. An enemies on the other hand is somebody who brings something bad into your life and take everything good away from your life. A true friends would do everything within his or her ability to make your life more comfortable, while an enemy would do everything within his or her power to make life miserable, uncomfortable and unbearable for you. Now going by the above explanation, can we still call a group of people who continues to loot our common resources for themselves only, as our friends? Can we still call a group of individuals who deliberately deny us constantly electricity our friends? Can we still call these sets of people who deny our youths decent jobs our friends? Can we still call a people who continue to deny us good roads, quality education, good health care system, clean water, good shelter, food etc our friends? Can we still call a people who intentionally refuses to secure our lives and property our friends? Do we call a people who created this artificial but extreme poverty among millions of it’s citizens our friends? Can we still call a group of individuals who consciously created hardship, pain and sufferings amongst us as our friends? Do we still call a people who uses religion, ethnicity or tribalism to set us against each other thereby resulting to the deaths of thousands of our brothers and sisters our friends? Do we still call a group of people whom, instead of handing over or providing good jobs for our youths decided to hand guns, cutlass, knives and bombs to them so that they can kill each other to their satisfaction our true friends? Can we still call a person who we see only once in four years for re-election as our true friend? All these atrocities are what our politicians do to us. They have made living in this country so difficult to such extend that common gari is now very expensive in the market. People are dying of hunger on a daily basis due to the bad economic policies of the same Politicians they elected into public offices. People die in their hundreds every day due to the prevalent poor health care facilities and health care services in this country. Millions of able bodied men who graduated from our higher institution of learning have no jobs because all the companies that were to employ them are no more in business. Poor economic policies have forced most of them to shut down, thereby denying millions of Nigerian job to earn a decent living. How then can we be praising these same sets of brainless politicians as our heroes? How can we be eulogizing their names all over the place? How can we even allow them to enjoy our looted funds comfortable in our mist? How do we even sleep at night with hunger in our belle when we are aware that providence has done it’s own part by making enough resource available for all but an avarice politician somewhere played on our sensibilities, acting like he or she is smarter than all by stealing the entire money?
The bulk of the blame to me, should be shifted to an average Nigeria youth who worships these politicians, who idolise them and who help to carry out their evil acts. The youths should be blame because of their lackadaisical attitude towards political matters in this country. The youths should be blame because they allow their political consciousness to slumber while the greedy politician capitalize on that to loot their present and their future the more. The youths should be blame because they chose religion, ethnicity and tribalism rather than politics. A Nigerian youth can kill his fellow Nigerian who does not agree with, or align his thoughts with his religious believes or who does not come from the same ethnic group. But that same youth keeps mute when prices of good, services, fuel, electricity tariff, school fees goes up all of a sudden without prior notice. It’s very disheartening that the politicians who are our biggest enemies use ethnicity, religion, regionalism, tribalism, sports, entertainment, betnja, BBnja etc to shift our attention from them, to make us see our fellow poor suffering Nigerian as the enemy and remain blind to the fact that they are the real enemy, one thing that saddens my soul is that the politicians we have in this country are more united than us. They are more wiser than us because thy have succeeded in making us hate each other rather hating them. They have succeeded in making us fight each other for no reason rather than fighting them. They now make us view our fellow poor Nigerian as the enemy rather than viewing them as our biggest enemies. They have shrewdly used these deadly tool of religion and ethnicity to keep us busy while they continue to plunder our collective common wealth in this nation. The politician are united up there while we are disunited down here. They are enjoying up there while we are suffering down here. They are not too religious up there but we on the other hand are too religious down here, thinking that our being too religious might salvage us from hardship. The early we stop perceiving these politicians as our friends, the earlier we stop seeing them as people who meant well for our collective good more than themselves. The earlier we stop patronizing their cheap lies of providing a better life for us, the earlier we keep our difference aside as a people and start demanding for good governance and accountability at both National, state and local level. The earlier our youth take the bull by the horn to start seeking ways on how to make this country great again. The earlier we start uniting under one umbrella, keeping our difference aside, to fight or force out our common enemy (the politicians) The better for every one of us in this country. In your wildest imagination, don’t ever think Nigerian would be better under the leadership of this dirty crop of politicians mounting the affairs of our dear Nation. They were never, they are never and they never will make life better for us. They lack the political will to make that happen because if life becomes better for the generality of people in this country, they would not be this super wealthy. This is a clarion call for all my fellow youths to take their destinies into their hands as leaders of today not leaders of tomorrow. Thank you!

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