Plateau Exposes Government Bias Against Christians – Pofi

The National Coordinator, Prayer Force Network, Amb John Pofi has said that the killings and ransacking of several villages in Plateau State has exposed the Federal Government biases against the Christian Communities.

According to Pofi, it is a common knowledge that president Muhammadu Buhari does not belong to everybody, adding that he belongs to the Muslim Fulani tribe of Northern of the Sub Saharan Africa.

In a statement he issued on Friday, Pofi said when over 25 Buhari’s kinsmen were gruesomely murdered in a barbaric manner, Nigerians were told the president lost appetite, sleep and all the pleasures and comfort.

“We saw all over the social and conventional media condemnations, ultimatums, threats and pledges of reprisal attacks on Christian communities of Plateau State.

“Garba Shehu sorry, Garbage Shegu, the presidential spokesperson was at his best, governors were trooping to condole Sheikh Usman Bauchi and the accidentally collapsed governor of Plateau State, Simon Bako Lalong.

“Shortly after, another attack took place in a Christian dominated suburb of Jos and reports have it that over thirty persons were “animalistically” murdered, houses were burnt and the people are left alone to lick their wounds.

“No one condoned nor glorified the Rukuba road attack, but we expect the same vehemence and venom poured out that time from all and sundry, to be used this time around, but what we are seeing today is total silence as if nothing has happened, ” the statement said while saluting the courage of the relations of the slain victims who took the corpses to the “yes sir boys” erroneously occupying the state House of Assembly and subsequently to the seat of power where an accidental governor presides over nothing except how to loot our common wealth and please a fellow sleeping president as an errand boy.

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“It is no longer time for press releases that is why I love the doggedness of the CAN Chairman, plateau state, Reverend Father Polycarp Lubo who said, it is not time for prayers but time for action. Like I always say, it is lawless to be lawful in a lawless situation.

“Check out what the governor of the president’s home state said, that it is cheaper to buy weapons and protect yourself than to pay ransom.

“He is not the first nor the last leader to issue this type of despairing statements which is one of the indices of a failed state, we are very close to anarchy where lawlessness will be the norm. Nigeria is a failed state and all of us are victims because nobody is safe until everybody is safe.

“When leaders begin to loose grip and hope of a better life for their people, we expect them to take a cue from the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai who relinguidhed power though for his dear life and ran,” the statement said adding, “What I always say is that, whenever evil is perpetuated, let us all, Muslims, Christians and traditional worshipers come out en mass without minding who, where or what faith such a person profess or come from and fight him or her whole heartedly, if not, one day, what goes around will certainly come around.

“I sincerely commiserate with good plateau people, the families of those who lost their loved ones and pray God to visit them, grant them the ability to bear as I urge them with tears in my eyes and heart to leave vengeance to God,” the statement added.

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