PDP And The Last Kick Of A Dying Horse

The Zangon Kataf APC Youths Vanguard has intercepted an Audio-Visual content that is aggressively being shared among potential voters in Zangon Kataf Local Government by a special purpose Propaganda Vehicle called “Zangon Kataf Youths for Transparency and Accountability” being spearheaded by an over 50-year-old former Information Commissioner who has been sharing the content in social media platforms wherein they threw docorum to the gutters in their attempt to malign the hard earned reputation of the Chairmanship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the September 25th Council Election in Kaduna State.

In their Satanically inspired content, they alleged that a worshipper in Kafanchan Diocese of the Catholic Church, who is either the Chairmanship Candidate or running mate of the APC criminally dipped his hands into the Church coffers and stole what wasn’t rightly his. Being cowards and divisive elements, they failed to pin their allegation to an individual.

Having tried in vain to use the raging Security challenges in the Local Government as Major campaign thrust which the immediate past PDP Administration in the Council midwives, they realise that Southern Kaduna voters are wiser than that, they have resorted to cooking non-existing criminal case against the “All time high and cherished” APC ticket in the LGA.

The sophisticated, logical, cerebral and highly literate people of Zangon Kataf voters are already asking questions like: “Which party will have a valid Judgement that dent its opponent ticket and failed to produce same before the public or rush to Court to stop their Opponent from contesting against them? Indeed! The glory has departed from the PDP. This is not how to be an Opposition party.

Since the ambiguous allegation has something to do with our candidates, we wish to call on Honourable John Hassan and Honourable John Bityong to officially write relevant Security agencies to Unravelled the syndicates behind the defamatory audiovisual content and press charges before Law Court to serve as deterrent to others who ought to know better that politics isn’t madness.

We understand how difficult it is for leaders of the PDP who have been living on public coffers, they won’t hesitate to do anything, even if it is unholy to find their way back to power. But they should know that no amount of Kicking will stop a terminally ill and grossly divided party like the PDP from being defeated in the forth coming election. Rather than channelling their energy into solving the problem they brewed via the imposition of Leaders on their Members, they are having the temerity going into contest with divided house. As the Holy Bible posited in Psalms 11:3: ” If the Foundation be destroyed, what can they righteous do?” The PDP lack structural basis to win any election, hence, this pettiness from their leaders.

We shall continue to hinged the APC Campaigns on the short-lived stewardship of Honourable John Hassan when he held sway as the Administrator of our Council. We expect the PDP to tell us what their man, Dr Elias Manza, the immediate Council Chairman did with the mandate the people of Zango Kataf gave to them Three Years ago. Anything short of that, is self deception, which they will wake up to the reality on 25th September.

Comrade Joseph Bege Gaiya
Writes from Kaduna
12th September, 2021

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