Payer Force Blasts MURIC Over False Alarm 



The Prayer Force Network, a Christian Organization has blasted the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) over false alarm against the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)


According to the Prayer Force Network, it would have waved the recent attack on CAN and the American government of planning to destabilise Nigeria as a mere and normal attention seeking attitude of the director of MURIC,  Ishaq Akintola, but added that if they continue to look at the other way while “divisionist”continue  to play to the gallery, one day, the outcome of their demonic attitude will consume all Nigerians. 


Recently, MURIC issued a statement condemning the American government for labelling Nigeria as a country that violates religious freedom.


But prayer force network said Akintola, who always wants to be in news, succeeded in displaying his ignorance by saying that Muslims are being persecuted in Nigeria and that most of the people that are being killed are Muslims.


A statement by the National Coordinator, Payer Force Network Amb John Pofi, said if Akintola is not a good student of history, let him go back to those inglorious days when churches were bombed and burnt, Christians were massacred in their hundreds in most northern states. 


“At that time, the Muslims were not only happy but were jubilating that their enemies ” arna” are being killed.


“Now that the table has turned, and the Fulani militias who were brought in to destabilise President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, have turned against themselves, Akintola is blabbing in his usual manner without substance.

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“Another laughable and unnecessary outburst by Akintola was the claim that Christians are planning to stop Muslims from voting in the 2023 elections.


“Despite the brutal truth that over eighty percent of the key positions in the land of Nigeria are being headed by Muslims Northerners, including the electoral empire, INEC, yet, Akintola played to the gallery again by erroneously accusing Christians of stopping Muslims from voting.


“Akintola misquoted Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House on Rock who said Christian leaders are mobilizing millions of votes to support Christian politicians.


“Like I always say, Ishaq Akintola is a certified bigot who needs to be caged before he causes a religious crisis in Nigeria.


“It was a height of irresponsibility for Akintola to accuse Christians of fixing their members as adhoc staff of INEC ahead of the 2023 elections,” the statement said. 


Prayer Force Network said such can’t be possible since most of the management staff of the electoral empire are Muslims from the north. 


“If Akintola does not have anything to say, he should remain mute please. I therefore use this medium to passionately appeal to security agencies to immediately arrest and prosecute Akintola before he sends us to early Golgotha. A stitch in time, they say saves nine,” Pofi said. 


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