Out Of School: Sen Abbo Grants Scholarship To Disabled Single Mother’s Son

The Senator representing Adamawa North, Sen Elisha Ishaku Abbo, has granted a scholarship to a child of a disabled single mother.
Abbo granted the scholarship to the boy after he paid a condolence visit to the Emir of Mubi over the demised of his younger brother, the District head of Mubi.
When he was given the opportunity to meet with Hajiya Hauwa Gulak, a disabled single Mother, Abbo, immidiately granted scholarship to her child, Masaud,  who has been out of school.
“I’ve asked my staff staff to enrol her son to school on my scholarship program,” Abbo said after he donated cash to the woman for their ‘up-keep.’
“While I was talking to her, she broke down in tears. While I was still struggling to be strong, she drew a child to her and that’s when it dawned on me that she’s going about with an out of school child – her son,” Abbi told journalists.
Abbo also made a special appeal to the general public to be kind to humanity irrespective of religion, ethnic or social background.
He added that the  society cannot be good if family, neighbours, Churches and Mosques continue to watch people living in hell without offering a hand.
“For goodness sake, the tricycle is just N70,000 to N80,000. It is not millions. I am calling on all of us to embrace humanity and go back to those things that made us human,” Abbo said, suggesting ways others can be empowered.
“Wherever you are today, you can make a difference by helping just one person. We can do it.
“Seeing her crawl with her body in the sand and mud when it rains broke my heart. All that this brave woman needs is at least a hand propelled tricycle.
It is not about her disability, it is about her dignity. People living with disability should live with dignity,” Abbo added.
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