Our Patience Is Not Elastic, Prayer Force Fumes Over Continue Killing Of Christians

Prayer Force Network (PFN) has said that the killing of Christians in the name of blasphemy even when the incident happened outside the country must stop, stating that their patience is not elastic.

According to the prayer force, the killings of Christians in Nigeria has now apparently shown that their patience and tolerance is being taken for a ride.

A statement issued by their leader, John Pofi, said every good student of history will bear with them that for long, whenever there is a case of blasphemy in any part of the world, the poor and unschooled Muslims in Nigeria will always wish to retaliate the same on innocent Nigerian Christians.

“I remember but not with precision any way, that it was reported that during the Olusegun Obasanjo democratic era, there was a case of blasphemy in another country and Nigeria was boiling and it was reported that Obasanjo told the Muslims that whoever is ready to go and fight, a free plane will be provided for them but not for them to take reprisal on innocent Nigerians.

“After the gruesome murder of Deborah, followed by the pains of the purpoted escape of the guys in the video who proudly said they killed and burnt her, and the protest that followed in Sokoto for the release of some suspects arrested in connection with the killing for their unconditional release, is now aparrent that our patience and tolerance is being taken for a ride.

“The madness that is currently happening in Nigeria starting with the Bomb blast in Kano, burning down of Christians shops and market in Dei Dei a suburb in Abuja and now in Bauchi days after this issue, seems to have died down is barbaric, animalistic, dehumanising and unacceptable to us.

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“The alleged blasphemy in Bauchi which led to injury a pastor and burning down some church properties if left unchecked, will escalate to other parts of northern states where many people are illiterates and have no iota of what Islam is all about but are being misled by what ” malam said.”

“I therefore call for immediate action in all the states of the federation for security agencies to step up their game before these drafts and unproductive bigots terminate the lives of useful citizens,” Pofi said.

According to him, “Let me also use this medium to remind Nigerian Muslims which we hitherto refer to as our brothers and sisters that violence begets violence, our silence should never be taken for granted because we are strictly adhering to the tenets of our religion which is anchored on love, peace, tolerance, forgiveness and non violence.

“Let me also warn the bigots that no one has the monopoly of violence, so if they push us to the wall, we must react from all angles. I sincerely commiserate with those who are injured and those who lost properties for the offense they did not commit.

“I therefore call for calm because our God is a God of vengeance, we don’t fight His battles and even ours, He implores us to leave them to Him. What a powerful God? Unlike the other god whose followers fight for him to defend him. May we never witness these dark and daft days anymore in our lifetime in Jesus’ victorious name,” the statement added.

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