Osimhen’s Former Agent Opens Up

By Sampson Adedeji

After weeks of speculations and delay, former agent of Nigeria’s Super Eagles striker Jean-Gérard Benoit Czajka has opened up on what transpired between himself and Victor Osimhen BSNSports.com.ng reports.

Former Wolfburg attacker parted ways with the agent after allegations of him asking too much from the deal that will see him move from French Ligue One side LOSC Lille to Italia Serie A club, Napoli.

Osimhen dumped Czjaka for new agent William Davilla and whole process restarted all over again.

“There is a lot of pressure. He certainly lost his footing. There is this William Davila who must have been wooing him for a while.

“We may have explained to him that we could have him a better contract, “slipped the agent for France Football before explaining why the formalization of this transfer presented as completed for days is late according to him.

“What I understand is that we are trying to justify ‘the work’ of the ‘new agent’, having resumed negotiations from the start.

“I am in a hurry to discover the final contract signed by Victor, and to compare it with what we had mentioned with Naples in writing.

“Especially since on the morning of July 13, Luis Campos and Gérard Lopez contacted me by phone, strongly recommending that I negotiate with this new agent, otherwise, according to them, ‘I risked losing everything…’ ”.

Denying rumors that Osimhen put him aside due to his gluttony, Czajka explained that he negotiated a commission of 5 million euros on the transfer, or 8% of the gross contract total. And he intends to assert his rights to collect his due. “ We’ve always worked honestly with Victor, something a lot of agents can’t say, we’re within our rights.

And if we have to go to court to keep face, we will go, afterwards, it is very likely that I can be offered an arrangement, something that I will not accept ”, he concluded.

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