Open Grazing: Garba Shehu Has Debased Office Of Nigerian President, Says HURIWA

The prominent civil right advocacy group;- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has described as scandalous prebendalism and parochialism the persistent predilection of the senior special Assistant on media to president Muhammadu Buhari to use his public office to speak for Fulani herdsmen since  the present administration came on board in 2015.
Specifically, the civil society organization said it is unprecedented in the political annals of Nigeria that a political office holder picked by the president elected by all Nigerians, to be used consistently as the public relations officer of the ethnicity and religious platforms of both himself and his boss who holds office on behalf of the entire Nigerians.
The group carpeted Garba Shehu for shamelessly siding with Miyetti Allah Cattle Dealers against the considered and well thought out proposal of 17 governors of Southern Nigeria who spoke on behalf of over 80 million citizens of Nigeria to ban open grazing of livestocks in a lasting bid to stop the incessant unprovoked attacks of farmers by some armed Fulani herdsmen.
HURIWA said also that Nigerians have rejected the so called grazing routes which offends the clear provisions of the land use Act just as the Rights group accused the President of tolerating the tribalizing and Fulanizing of the high office of the President of Nigeria.
The group said the tendencies to deploy the office of the media spokesperson of the Nigerian President to speak for cattle dealers amounted to abuse of office  and is an act of Corruption which section 15 (5) of Nigeria’s Grundnorm absolutely prohibits-: “The State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power.”
Besides, HURIWA accused the President of adopting a ‘siddon-look’ approach to the cocktails of killings and terrorism of armed Fulani herdsmen who are emboldened to increase their violent rampage around the country because of the active support they perceive to be getting from Federal Attorney General and such persons like Garba Shehu.
It, (HURIWA) condemned the silence of World leaders to the genocide going on in Benue State just as the Rights group affirmed the powers of state governors over land resources in their states as provided for by the relevant sections of the LAND USE ACT as follows-: PART I; General; SECTION (1. )      Vesting of all land in the State.
2.      Control and management of land; advisory bodies.
3.      Designation of urban areas.
4.      Applicable law for the interim management of land.
Principles of land tenure, powers of Governor and local governments, and rights of occupiers
5. Powers of the Governor in relation to land.
6. Powers of local government in relation to land not in urban areas.
7. Restriction on rights of persons under the age of 21.
8. Special contracts.
9. Certificates of occupancy.
10. Conditions and provisions implied in certificate of occupancy.
11. Power of Governor or public officer to enter and inspect land and improvements.
12. Power of Governor to grant licences to take building materials.
13. Duty of occupier of statutory right of occupancy to maintain beacons.
14. Exclusive rights of occupiers.
15. The right of improvements.”

HURIWA quoted the Land useActas saying thus: “Vesting of all land in the state.   Subject to the provisions of this act , all land comprised in the territory of each state in the federation is hereby vested in the government of that state , and such land shall be held in trust and administered for the use and common benefit of the Nigerians in accordance with the provisions of this Act.”

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