By Oluwa Tunmise

For Nigeria is unacceptably well;
Happiness is far away from Nigerians,
Sadness suddenly becomes Nigerians best friend,
Sorrow turns their usual visitors.
Bloodshed in Nigeria, Constant food for daily bread.
Is Nigeria a cursed nation? No.
Leadership is responsible for such occurrence.

For Nigeria is perfectly abnormal;
No future preservation for the unborn,
Nigerians’ thoughts are something negative,
Existence of ill potentials for development,
Nobody wants to wake up and take action,
Her current situation is calling for global help.
Is Nigeria a cursed land? No.
The government is irresponsibly responsible.

For Nigeria is totally ill;
Every Nigeria deserves better hospitality,
Our leaders’ thinking faculty needs a check up,
Nigeria economy is requesting for plastic surgery;
As first aids become last and unusual aids for treatments.
Doctors and nurses for rescues are seemed unwell.
Is Nigeria a cursed country? No.
The authorities are behind the causes.

Who will save Nigerians from manipulators?
When is this mess going to be over?
Every Nigerian wants some days to be called better days.
If an accurate diagnosis is half a cure,
Nigeria is not yet a cursed country.
No rest for me until Nigeria is liberated from cursed leadership.

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