One Blind Nation

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Only in a blind nation,
Every past rulers in my country
Nigeria is supposed to be known
For being a member of anti progress.

Only in a blind nation,
Every past messiah in my country
Nigeria had compromised its obligation
By joining the association of parasites.

Only in a blind nation,
Every known majority in my country
Nigeria is actually known to be a pitcher,
Because of being known as a Nigerian.

Only in a blind nation,
Every freedom fighter in my noble country;
Activism suddenly changed to cash-tivism,
Self benefit; consideration for solidarity.

Only in a blind nation,
You all know “Police is your friend” isn’t it?
Vagabonds are in power, fruitless regime,
The fallen minority, the majority in hell.

Who are we to call on for assistance?
As everyone follows ways of national cake,
Shall we all close our eyes till the bad end?
I weep for my nearest future as a Nigerian.

Nigeria; international home for looters,
Abuja; central village to rip-off our future,
Lagos; watery region captured by jagaban,
Kano; a place of ill laws and sick rullings.

We know they hate Nigeria in their heart,
My country is crying for civic resurrection,
My mouth will never cease to speak up,
Until Nigeria is fundamentally librated.
I love Nigeria.

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