Oh! Dear Civilization

By Oluwa Tunmise

Oh! dear civilization,
For you’ve closed our eyes to the truth,
You’ve opened the door for the numerous lies to enter.
It’s never your fault dear civilization,
Our fore forefathers own the blame-wish.

Oh! dear civilization,
For you’ve told us many lies against Ifá-olókun,
You are a good critic of Èsù-láálùú.
In the name of ‘self-satisfaction’,
You have no question to answer,
Our forefather must answer the urgent calls.

Oh! dear civilization,
For you’ve condemned our old traditional means of government,
You unscrupulously dash us ‘democracy’,
All in the name ‘self-benefit’.
Oh! We have nothing against you,
Our forefathers fell into your captivity strategically.

Oh! dear civilization,
For you’ve made Africa to lose her golden glory,
Tears in our eyes for the old memory,
For your wisdom have made the wise men to become a bunch of fools
Now! How can we agree your gospel is the truth?

Oh! dear civilization,
Truly, our forefathers seek for exposure,
Not any destruction.
Our forefathers had enslaved themselves,
For they also lost the prosperous ‘self-esteem’.

Planet earth, a noble palace;
Where Africans are the kings of the world.
Things are falling apart for the black-race,
Bring back our reputations, oh! dear civilization.

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