NYDP Vows To Humiliates APC, PDP Comes 2023

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Ahead of 2023, the Nigeria Young Democratic Party (NYDP), has said that it is going to defeat APC and disfigure PDP in 2023 general elections.

The national chairman of the party Barry About Johnson said this yesterday in Abuja.

He said, “Our party have started the process of getting registered as a political party to participate in the 2023 General elections with a test on the Anambra state Governorship elections holding 2nd November 2021.

“We are going to take over Nigeria with the ballot by voting out bad elements who we know as enemies of our democracy.

“So far, we are in talks with six state governors who we have investigated over the months and discovered that they have the spirit of building a Nigeria of our dream so we involved them in the mission to take Nigeria forward.

“Th NYDP is ready to CRUSH the APC and DISFIGURE the PDP come 2023. It’s a clear manifestation that the world is waiting to see. It’s going to be a must watch movie.
We have the number and we shall make sure we do just so.

“Enough is enough, Nigeria belongs to all of us and we in the NYDP have started off the Registration process with INEC. We are billed to Officially present our documents to INEC in a few days and forward ever we shall go.”

According to him, the proterm Chairman of the NYDP our national executive council Committee members have decided to move our youths forward by creating up to 100,000 Supplimentary Employment to our youths across Nigeria using the new financial inclusion opportunities with the ZUGACOIN TV REALITY SHOW we just introduce for public Registration last week.

We are also going to provide coronavirus testing centers very soon in all the 774 LGA in Nigeria in March to Support the government in fighting the pandemic and as our own party support to building a greater Nigeria.

He also said they will continued to ask the Buhari administration to find a lasting solution to the killings of Nigerian citizens across Nigeria. This is giving us so much more concern as a political party that has over 150 million youths fan base online.

“Like in the case of president buhari appointing me ew Service chiefs, we appreciate that at least he has done some chances but what we are talking about is the impunity in his government he has to address.

“No administration with impunity can provide basic eminities for the people no matter what you do.

“So therefore we again ask buhari to look into the issues by providing the newly appointed chiefs the power and authority to act as full flesh chiefs do the insurgence can end for God sake.
Nigeria can not work until government learn how to do the right thing at the right time,” he added.

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