NUPENG’s Embargo On South East Political

An Oil and Gas dealer has stressed the need for Petroleum Tankers Drivers (PTD) arm of NUPENG, to adhere to ongoing court proceedings to avoid infringement on rights of Nigerians to access the products.

The dealer, who pleaded anonymity said this in an interview with newsmen on Saturday in Abuja.

He alleged NUPENG officials had instructed Petroleum PTD against loading petroleum products to petrol stations located in the Southeast region of the country.

According to him, this is evident in the long queues of Petrol Tankers within the region, coupled with ongoing strike by the union.

“To worsen the PTD matter, NUPENG leadership instructed private depot owners not to load any petroeum tank with product to Southeast of the country.

“Also, thedirective was to the depot owners, and also so called NUPENG task force, since they are not established by law, to stop all tankers from going to the region.

“This is what resulted in trucks of petroleum tankers parking all over high ways in the Southeast region.

“The depot owners complying with such directives without court order is illegal; the instruction on tanker Drivers to stop distribution of petroleum products to Southeast states must be stopped, to avoid infringement on rights of citizens.”

He underscored the need for agrieved party over issue bordering the distribution of petroleum products to the region, not to politicise such to the detriment of people of the Southeast region of the country.

He noted that the embargo been placed by NUPENG is illegal and should be properly investigated to chat the way forward.

“NUPENG claim to be fighting for a member who happen to be a filling station owner; the claim is over issue of a filling station that was bulldozed in Imo State many years ago, thereby using that as excuse to frustrate the Southeast states.

“There is inadequate fuel in most parts of Southeast resulting from such policy.

“Despite the fact such a matter is ongoing in court, NUPENG still went on strike; did the filling station owner become a member of Tankers Driver Association?

“Amidst the security situation in this volatile areas, NUPENG still went ahead to place embargo on the region in a politically sponsored agenda, all in the name of NUPENG on strike in the Southeast.

“We are buying fuel N400 per litre, while Lagos, Abuja and other region of the country are buying fuel N162,” he added.

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